European network service provider TDF has tapped Motorola to design and deploy 802.16e WiMAX networks for several regions in France.

The network will be operated by TDF subsidiary HDRR, which provides network services to broadcasters and telecom operators throughout Europe.

The three year frame agreement, announced at the WiMAX Forum Global Congress yesterday, follows an initial pilot at the end of 2006 and successful deployments in the Loiret, Sarthe and Limousin regions, where HDRR is delivering high speed broadband access to end users.

TDF and its subsidiaries and partners, including local governments, deliver wholesale broadband services to retail ISPs which in turn provide broadband data as well as VoIP services to businesses and consumers.

“With this partnership we are confident that we can quickly and effectively help our partner operators and local governments to bring next generation broadband services to the end-users and enterprises of rural regions, and those that are not currently serviced by fixed broadband,” said Madeleine Giovachini, head of TDF’s telecom business unit.