Chip giant Intel has delayed the launch of its Montevina platform (Centrino 2), the US vendor’s next generation of silicon chips for notebooks capable of supporting both wifi and mobile WiMAX.

The complete Montevina chipset platform was originally scheduled to start shipping to PC manufacturers at the end of June, but has now been pushed back to the first week of August.

However, part of the Montevina porfolio – processors and some chipsets – will start shipping mid-July.

Intel attributes the launch postponement to ‘issues’ with Montevina’s graphic chipsets, which the firm says require extra testing. Intel says there are no problems with Montevina’s microprocessor.

Another factor contributing to the delay, relates to ‘paperwork’ surrounding the certification of wifi on the Montevina platform. “There were mistakes made while filing and testing our wireless antennas,” the company said.

According to Intel, this paperwork involves both the FCC and other government organisations like Canada’s IC.