Reports are coming in that a random line has started outside Apple’s flagship Cube store in New York City.

According to press on the scene, the queue is more than 60 people deep, although many are confused as to what they are lining up for.

Explanations range from the much hyped 3G iPhone, to the fact that the store has received a shipment of the now hard to come by 2G devices and is controlling the crowd to prevent a riot.

Meanwhile in Apple land, the Californian gadget company has placed an advert for an RF engineer knowledgeable about technologies such as WiMAX, 3G, GPS and mobile TV and their integration into consumer products.

“The Sr. Wireless system Engineer will be responsible for designing/integrating Apple wireless products, and exploring new wireless technologies. He/she will work in a technology group on next generation wireless communications products as well as the integration of wireless technology within Apple products,” the advert reads.