DoCoMo and Casio share the credit

Japan’s number one operator NTT DoCoMo has announced a joint venture with compatriot electronics giant Casio Computer. The firms are teaming up to provice digital payments systems, mainly for the mobile carrier’s iD mobile credit card platform.

The JV, CXD NEXT, will be officially launched this Monday and will begin providing services on September 1st 2007.

The service will be centered around Casio’s cash register with virtual private network (VPN) capability and reader/writer compatibility for mobile e-wallet services. The register, which also supports magnetic credit cards, will connect via the internet VPN to servers provided by CXD NEXT. Casio will begin marketing the register on August 1st.

DoCoMo, arguably, leads the way in terms of mobile payments globally. The carrier’s e-wallets service using Sony’s FeliCa contactless technology, was launched back in 2004 and a strong demand from consumers and merchants exists in that market. However, the rest of the world is showing signs of catching up.

CXD NEXT will be headed by President Yasukazu Ohira, currently the manager of Casio’s Business Development Section. The company will be owned 60 per cent by Casio and 40 per cent by DoCoMo.

Plans for the future include expanding its CRM offerings by incorporating DoCoMo’s Osaifu-Keitai e-wallet and ToruCa information-capture services.


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