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Billing: converging headaches

Billing: converging headaches Billing is often treated as something of an after thought by mobile strategists. But with each new network development or service offering comes a whole range...


Back to your routes

Back to your routes A proven success for the likes of Garmin and TomTom, navigation services are going mobile. Advances in handset form factor and functionality could enable the...


KT plots path for WiBro growth

Korea’s fixed-line incumbent is looking to discounted bundled offers, increased network coverage, more devices and Wave 2.0 kit to spur WiBro take-up. WiBro, Korea’s Mobile WiMAX service brand, is beginning...


WiMAX benefits from Indian summer

After a summer of regulatory wrangling, WiMAX supporters can claim significant progress in India. Some obstacles, however, still remain. When India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) finally announced on 1st August...


Taiwan's WiMAX dream slips away as reality kicks in

When Taiwanese telecoms regulator the National Communications Commission (NCC) issued six 2.5GHz WiMAX licenses in July 2007, it looked likely that WiMAX would play a significant role in the country’s...


REDtone waits for green light on price

Malaysian operator is pushing for much cheaper WiMAX kit ahead of commercial launch. It was back in March 2007 when the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) awarded REDtone, along...


WiMAX home run for Vodafone Malta

The Vodafone Group is conducting WiMAX trials in different parts of the world but it was in Malta where it launched commercial services first. Joseph Cuschieri, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)...


Emerging markets: The balance of power

With subscriber growth increasingly restricted to emerging markets with a huge collective population, the operators able to achieve success in these regions will find themselves among the most powerful in...


Mobile fraud: Phone loving criminals

There are certain things that mobile network operators don’t like to talk about. Revenues generated from adult content, under performing business units or disappointing service uptake are the types of...


Managed services: Allow me, Sir

When you hear of a company that provides service to 185 million cellular customers, your thoughts turn to large international carriers like Vodafone and Telefonica, or maybe a major market...


A roller coaster ride for 802.16e

In January 2007, mobile WiMAX’s high profile American champion Sprint Nextel announced that Finnish giant Nokia would be a “key infrastructure and consumer electronic device provider” for its 4G WiMAX...


Cellcos struggle to get subs above one M

Although the number of MMSes sent per subscriber per month remains below a single message in many countries, total MMS traffic came close to doubling between 2Q05 and 2Q06 among...

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