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Global mobile penetration hits 50% today

at Informa Telecoms & Media. “For children growing up today the issue is not whether they will get a mobile phone, it’s a question of when. “It is difficult to...


Global mobile penetration hits 50%

  97 1997     192 2002     215 2007 (Sept.)     224 Source: Informa Telecoms & Media The challenge now is connecting the bottom of the pyramid:...


Mobile broadband moves into fast lane

...with more than 50 million subscribers using hundreds of different devices. But figures from parent, Informa Telecoms & Media, predict that rapid adoption of mobile broadband will lead it...


HSPA set to exceed 50 million by end-2008

from Informa Telecoms & Media’s World Cellular Information Service. The take-up of HSPA is therefore proceeding at a faster rate than initial WCDMA growth thanks to growing popularity of HSPA-enabled...


FMC facing uphill struggle due out from analyst house, Informa Telecoms & Media, on Tuesday forecasts 170 million FMC subscribers worldwide by 2012 generating $33.4bn in revenue. The majority of these subs are...


UK mobile content market set for boom

The UK mobile content and services market is on the verge of becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, according to new research from’s parent, Informa Telecoms & Media. The analyst...


Operators to hike IOTs says Informa

rising costs when travelling in Europe. Informa Telecoms and Media – parent of – reveals Monday that operators will increase the wholesale prices (IOTs) they charge non-European operators whose...


Mobile media, WiMAX to top CTIA agenda

The mobile industry’s frenzied efforts to reinvent itself as a media business will continue apace at the CTIA Wireless conference in Orlando next week, according to predictions from’s parent,...


Three EU states embrace UMTS900

Finland, France and Portugal are expected to lead the way in rolling out UMTS900, according to’s parent Informa Telecoms & Media. On January 1, the European Conference of Postal...


Threat to operators as content market grows

...put the internet into people’s hands without the worry of cost… It’s definitely the way to go, Winterbottom says. Strategies like T-Mobile’s ‘Web n Walk’ and 3 UK’s X-Series will...


Cellcos struggle to get subs above one M

...the 63 mobile network operators tracked by’s parent, Informa Telecoms & Media (see figs. 1&3). On average, total MMS traffic increased 80.5 per cent, while growth in messages per...


Operators will move to advertising model - Analyst

Operators will start to consider moving from subscription-based services towards an advertising-based business model in the near future according to analyst group, Informa Telecoms and Media. Informa, which owns,...


Overall handset growth to slow "dramatically" - report

...says’s parent, Informa Telecoms & Media in its latest report “Future Mobile Handsets”. Since the slump in the worldwide handset market at the turn of the century, it has...


Chinese subscriptions surge past .5bn

Chinese mobile subscriptions, including PHS (personal handyphone system) account for almost half of all those in the Asia Pacific region. So says’s parent Informa Telecoms and Media in its...


Mobile advertising worth $11.35bn by 2011 - Analyst

Spending on mobile advertising is about to take a sharp upturn, according to a report by’s parent Informa Telecoms and Media. In its latest study ‘Mobile Advertising Services: generating...

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