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Vodafone launches Italy's first LTE-M network

UK-based Vodafone hopes to gain an advantage in Italy’s IoT market by rolling the country’s first LTE-M network. When it comes to dedicated cellular IoT infrastructure, narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) has...


Orange details 2G and 3G termination plans them to move to the new solutions in 4G (LTE-M, LTE category one, NB IoT), or 5G. So this is also very important and we need to address it...


Cellular IoT market expected to double by 2026

of the growth in NB-IoT and LTE-M connections. Of course, cellular is not the only option when it comes to IoT, and expectations vary on how many IoT connections will...



Rakuten investigates LEO-based satellite IoT tech

a satellite via a gateway. What Rakuten and the University of Tokyo want to know is whether a cheap, off-the-shelf IoT device that uses LTE or NB-IoT can communicate directly...


Vodafone talks up intersectional 5G

...front. Vodafone is still heavily invested in the NB-IoT standard but the lack of recent noise on that topic implies a degree of lost momentum. Part of Voda’s bid to...


How to translate IoT potential into real business

the best connectivity framework for IoT. LPWAN technology such as NB-IoT is also the most effective connectivity model for a large variety of IoT projects that operators could monetise. NB-IoT...



Softbank takes to the crowded skies for coverage

...Skylo, a Geosynchronous Earth Orbiting (GEO) satellite firm which provides NB-IoT connectivity and services to industries like fishing, mining and shipping, and OneWeb, the UK-based LEO satellite service that will...


What should 6G be?

...IoT Myth”, but broadly it is because complete solutions are not readily available for industries wishing to deploy IoT. 5G changes nothing – it just rebrands 4G’s NB-IoT as the...


Ericsson raises 2020 5G subscriptions outlook again

...expects the number of so-called massive IoT connections – that is NB-IoT and Cat-M connections – to have doubled year-on-year to nearly 200 million. “About 110 service providers have been...


Vodafone UK doubles down on IoT

NB-IoT LPWAN standard, Vodafone had gone a bit quiet on that front of late. It seems the hype curve had to play out a bit after all the pre-5G hyperbole...


Nokia lands global IoT deal with China Mobile

China Mobile IoT (CMIoT) has picked Nokia to help it with its global enterprise IoT offering. Specifically Nokia’s WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) managed service platform will take care of...


Vodafone UK bets the farm on OpenRAN

...trying to set the agenda when it comes to emerging technology trends. For years it banged on about NB-IoT, but that has gone quiet of late. OpenRAN suffers from the...


LoRaWAN goes trans-Tasman via Spark's NNNCo deal

...pallets, for example – because LoRaWAN is a cheaper than cellular alternatives like LTE-M and NB-IoT. “We’re seeing increasing demand from enterprise customers requiring cross-Tasman roaming capabilities as they deploy...

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