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The low penetration in Asia-Pacific is due to its broad, diverse and fragmented make-up


LTE network plans: Asia Pacific and Oceania

...LTE in 2.6 GHz by 2013. U Mobile announced on March 15, 2011 plans to deploy and launch a commercial LTE network “soon”. WiMAX™ operator Asiaspace is exploring deployment in...


P1 first out of WiMAX traps in Malaysia

...Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the country’s regulator, has stipulated that all four 2.3GHz WiMAX licence holders – the other three are Redtone (for East Malaysia), Bizsurf and Asiaspace (both serving Peninsular...


REDtone waits for green light on price

...the 2.3GHz band covering the cities of Sabah and Sarawak. The other three operators who were awarded 2.3GHz licences by MCMC? Bizsurf, Asiaspace Dotcom and MIB Comm?each hold 30MHz chunks...

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