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Arelion brand


Telia Carrier basks in the warm glow of a corporate rebrand

...brand consultant worth their salt pictures a rebranding, anyway. What actually happened was wholesaler Telia Carrier on Wednesday changed its name to Arelion (pronounced ‘ah-ray-li-yon’) and treated itself to a...


P&G brings FMCG utopia to CES

...Procter and Gamble (P&G), which owns some of the most familiar brands you see in the supermarket, especially in the toiletries and detergents sections. How can you possibly augment toothpaste,...


Apple bags $52 billion with more to come at Xmas

...expenses between $7.65 billion and $7.75 billion. In short, it is going to continue to cultivate some of the most loyal brand enthusiasts and continue to make a ridiculous amount...

A Week In Wireless

An Apple a day don’t keep the Dr away

...ranks from an intern role, maybe doing a couple of months behind the Genius Bar. The Dr will see you now. It’s an interesting move for Apple but even more...

A Week In Wireless

While you were sleeping... “likely to remain the prime band for LTE in the foreseeable future.” Getting ready to join the fray are the four Hong Kong operators—SmarTone, Genius Brand, China Mobile Hong...


Soft Cell

...operator’s brand stands for can somehow be distilled into a retail experience that leaves each customer feeling so happy with the product they’ve bought that they never want to churn....


The Clone Wars

...than a Samsung or Sony Ericsson.” As handset brands have historically held greater sway than operator brands, vendors and operators are bound together by the shared threat from the platform...


Buyer's Market

...the large brands. It’s very hard for the smaller players to find ways to differentiate on top of what has become a very standardised design, which is a small tablet....

The low penetration in Asia-Pacific is due to its broad, diverse and fragmented make-up


LTE network plans: Asia Pacific and Oceania

...15 MHz blocks of 2.6 GHz spectrum were obtained via auction each by China Mobile (Peoples Phone), Genius Brand (Hutchison Telecom/PCCW JV) and CSL Limited. Back to the Evolution to...


Hong Kong shortlists bidders for WiMAX spectrum

...China Mobile Hong Kong runs the ‘Peoples’ mobile brand service on the island, while CSL represents CSL Mobility, another Hong Kong mobile operator. Genius Brand, meanwhile, is a joint venture...

A Week In Wireless

Beggars can't be choosers

...want, but your competitors do.? It’s either so far out of the box that it’s stone cold genius, or it’s just stupid. Which isn’t far behind desperate in the romancing...

A Week In Wireless

Spam lasagne Brazil, where two interesting things caught the Informer’s eye this week. The first involved former footballing genius Ronaldo and a trio of none too convincing she-he private entertainers, and...

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