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A Week In Wireless

A 5.5 on the Spencer Scale

...of the firm that made them are warranted? Of course the Informer is in no position to judge the aptitude of other people’s emotions; after all, he cried when Bouncer...


What does the industry make of the iPhone 4S?

...1080p HD video recording, an 8-megapixel camera and the ability to roam between CDMA and GSM networks may float some people’s boat, but that may not be enough to seduce...


William of Orange

...will see a mobilisation of peoples’ digital activity overall and there are very specific benefits that mobile can bring around hyper-localisation, next generation services and point of sale interaction. However,...


Death of a salesman?

...not really the reality for where the majority of advertising spend is going today.” Orange’s King is in agreement: “As the market matures, we will see a mobilisation of peoples’...


Can telecoms companies offer designer customer service?

...Older consumers tend to prefer the reassurance of human interaction. Age UK highlights that older peoples preferred choice of interaction for information or advice is face to face, followed by...

The low penetration in Asia-Pacific is due to its broad, diverse and fragmented make-up


LTE network plans: Asia Pacific and Oceania

...15 MHz blocks of 2.6 GHz spectrum were obtained via auction each by China Mobile (Peoples Phone), Genius Brand (Hutchison Telecom/PCCW JV) and CSL Limited. Back to the Evolution to...


Music for the masses

...view of an operator one of the most compelling things that people do over a mobile phone or fixed line network is consume music. It’s been part of peoples telecoms...

A Week In Wireless

Windows of opportunity

...defensive cries as the ‘for’ and ‘against’ mobs sling their mud. It never fails to astonish the Informer quite how intense some peoples’ feelings about operating systems are. Less surprising...


Cox crows on LTE

...provide. So while a wireless carrier may not be at front and centre of peoples’ minds it’s the billing relationship, the one person I call when I have a problem,...

A Week In Wireless

A Pre-destined response

...subscribers. Now, the Informer has no reason whatsoever to doubt the veracity of TNS’ reporting. What he’s not so sure about is the reliability of peoples’ responses. After all, most...


Palm still in red despite strong sales of Pre

...134 per cent increase from the previous quarter and a year on year decrease of 30 per cent. Sell through (the number of phones that ended up in peoples’ hands)...


Hong Kong shortlists bidders for WiMAX spectrum

...China Mobile Hong Kong runs the ‘Peoples’ mobile brand service on the island, while CSL represents CSL Mobility, another Hong Kong mobile operator. Genius Brand, meanwhile, is a joint venture...


Time to meet your maker

...Regenersis and commercial recycling companies are growing in number as the opportunities to turn a profit from peoples’ unwanted mobile phones become increasingly evident. “It’s fair to say that this...

A Week In Wireless

A bowl of Shreddies

...but valuable part of several peoples’ lives by punting out a spoof release. The Informer always imagines these people in such fits of self-induced hilarity that they’re spraying mouthfuls of...


European Lab will share thoughts on mobile and IT

...a way that focuses on peoples’ real needs,” Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen said. The network was launched in Helsinki. Finland currently holds the EU presidency “One of the goals...


Russia's Euroset plans ambitious expansion

...grown hand in hand with recent gains in the region’s prosperity, not least the Russian peoples’ appetite for all things wireless. Over the past few years, the company has accelerated...

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