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Small cells star in LTE market “In the past year, we have seen that operators have shifted from thinking and talking about small cells, to conducting actual trials on picocells,” said Stefan Pongratz, analyst at...


Size matters: the value of small cells

...small cells will play a crucial role. “We will surely see one touch and zero touch [plug and play] zero footprint small cells equipped with very intelligent SON in a...


Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) trailblazing

JDSU recently acquired critical technology from UK-based QuantaSol that will help it increase the efficiency of its concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) cells beyond 40 percent over the next few years. Efficiency,...


Pros and cons of small cells

that to meet the demands for data, video and application access caused by smart phones and other devices, there is a real beauty to going small. Small cells provide flexibility...


3G femtocells now outnumber 3G basestations says report

macrocells for creating an effective LTE strategy. Keith Day, vice president of marketing for Ubiquisys said that small cells self-organising abilities will enable operators to reduce their OPEX and will...


Ubiquisys announces Intel powered small cells

abundant storage so they have the ability to do things that small cells simply haven’t been able to before.” The cells are designed to cache local data enabling faster performance...


Fixing LTE's future

...cells on home broadband, 3G public small cells for rural and urban locations and Wifi. In short, I think MNOs will embrace all technologies. To what extent will network sharing...


Prioritising efficiencies: energy versus spectrum

...cells, a small number of base stations are needed but they need to transmit a high power to achieve the necessary signal at the cell edge. Smaller cells require more...


Sharpening the edges

...the conclusion that small cells are getting bigger and vice versa—a phenomenon which raises some operational challenges. As Ben McCahill, director of mobile strategy at Tellabs puts it, the emergence...


Baby Boom

more general classification has come into parlance: ‘small cells’. The deployment of an abundance of small cells is the only way to relieve the coverage and capacity pressures congesting the...


Location is where it’s at

...towers, although since these tend to have larger cells the accuracy falls as a result, perhaps to 1km or worse. Device-based approach A different approach is for the network to...


Many-layered things

...should generally be connected to the smallest cell available to them in their location, with the transition between cells of the same size and layers of cells handled automatically as...


Being Mobile

...their homes. Devices will become increasingly able to find small cells and use them to download large files, synchronise content and enable applications like video calls. But because such cells...


Small cells challenge the macronetwork model

...means of targeting high-usage areas. Microcells, picocells and femtocells – this time in the form of outdoor “metro femtos” – represented one option, possibly even as part of an “inside...


Next Evolution in Back-up Power

...noting that many service providers keep a small amount of DC batteries on their sites for small interuptions of the power grid, like a few minutes outages, etc. In this...

A Week In Wireless

Happy Birthday SMS

...all this is the Informer has found a practical use for femto cells. Unfortunately for 3 it chose to launch its less than exciting music service during the same week...

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