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6G could do with moving away from industry jargon

InterDigital and Omdia have teamed up for a joint study arguing that in order to measure the success of future 6G services, new ‘quality of personal experience’ metrics will be needed.

Nokia ponders the killer apps of 6G

The marketing drum of 6G has begun and Nokia is among those speculating on what it might do – such as chipping humans with NFC devices and scanners that can measure the bodily information of crowds.

What to expect from European operators at MWC 2023

With the biggest trade show in the telecoms calendar kicking off next Monday, here’s a sneak peak of what some of the main European telco groups will be showcasing in the halls of La Fira in Barcelona.

What does the future hold for 5G and 6G?

If 6G meets expectations, it could mean things like smart home networks and the introduction of automated cars become a reality far sooner than expected.

The Podcast: InterDigital, 6G and the Twitter Files

The pod is delighted to welcome special guest Rajesh Pankaj, CTO of InterDigital, and they start by asking what exactly his company does. That leads on to a wide-ranging chat about telecoms R&D, patents, standards and, ultimately 6G. They still find time at the end to hear about Scott’s latest piece of self-indulgent writing, in which he tasked himself with a full summary of all the revelations coming from the Twitter files.

Why the telecoms industry should care about CES 2023

As the telecoms and wider tech industries become increasingly intertwined, CES and MWC are starting to look like two sides of the same coin – with the former providing the consumer use cases for advanced connectivity.

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