Category: 5G and Beyond

The Podcast: Ericsson, MWC and 5G monetisation

The podders are delighted to welcome a special guest from Ericsson for the second straight week, an event commemorated by some laboured analogies from Scott. Christian Leon heads up the networks business in Europe and Latin America, so is a great person to discuss the current state of 5G, especially when it comes to monetisation. That leads naturally onto topics such as MWC, 5G hype, network exposure, and millimetre wave.

VMO2 shows off ‘The Connected Playground’

UK telco group VMO2 installed a concept playground decked out with lights, sound and interactive equipment plugged into its broadband and 5G networks, in order to bring ‘digital audio sensory stimulation’ to outdoor play areas.

The Podcast: MWC 2023 special

The guys shot their traditional special podcast from the show floor of Mobile World Congress again this year. Ericsson was kind enough to find them a space to record, so Scott and Iain start by chatting to Peter Linder from that company. Later they bring on Omdia analyst Dario Talmesio and veteran journalist George Malim to hear about their experiences at this year’s show.

Nokia ponders the killer apps of 6G

The marketing drum of 6G has begun and Nokia is among those speculating on what it might do – such as chipping humans with NFC devices and scanners that can measure the bodily information of crowds.