Category: 5G and Beyond

Italian government not wedded to single network

The Italian government this week made it clear that having a publicly-owned high-speed network covering the whole country is its end-goal, not necessarily bringing together the existing infrastructure into one single network.

Panama may find it tough to attract third telco

Panama’s telecom regulator has formally launched the process to licence a new third mobile operator, but given the circumstances of the contest it may not find it easy to attract interested parties.

T-Mobile US hypes up customer adds in 2022

T-Mobile US has hit the top-end of its recently-increased postpaid phone customer addition guidance for 2022 and, unsurprisingly, it’s very excited about it.

Iliad and Wind Tre create wholesale mobile JV

Iliad and WindTre have formally announced the creation of their new wholesale venture Zefiro Net, an entity that will manage the supply of mobile infrastructure in hard-to-serve areas of Italy.

Why the telecoms industry should care about CES 2023

As the telecoms and wider tech industries become increasingly intertwined, CES and MWC are starting to look like two sides of the same coin – with the former providing the consumer use cases for advanced connectivity.