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Nokia Siemens warns of market slowdown

Monster vendor Nokia Siemens, which started operations as a merged entity on Sunday, has warned of a slowdown in growth of the infrastructure market. The Finnish-German joint venture said that “over the last couple of months there has been a narrowing of visibility and indications of a slowdown in spending in some regions”. Updating its […]

Carphone interested in mobile TV?

Carphone Warehouse, Sky and Channel 4 could all be seeking to get into the UK’s mobile TV business according to a document released by Ofcom late last week. The communications watchdog said it has received two applications for the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) national radio multiplex licence, which will allow the licensees to broadcast of […]

Japan cableco trials mobile WiMAX

Japanese cable operator Reinan Cable Network said Monday that it has completed a trial of Huawei’s mobile WiMAX platform. The trials are an early step in the u-Japan Plan – a Japanese government initiative to implement seamless broadband coverage throughout Japan by 2010. Reinan Cable said it selected WiMAX for its large coverage footprint and […]

UK watchdog issues VoIP regulations

UK telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, this week introduced a new regulatory code for VoIP providers as it readies itself to regulate the sector starting this summer. The watchdog said the move was to ensure consumers have access to information about the capabilities of their service. Recognising the phenomenal growth of VoIP – forecasts predict three million […]

US awards huge contract, spurns

The US General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded America’s biggest ever telecommunications contract – a ten year deal worth $48bn – to AT&T, Qwest and Verizon. Sprint Nextel was not chosen. Each of the winners will split $525m and pitch against one another with different federal agencies for varying contracts. Each of those government agencies […]

Reding considers splitting telcos

Dominant players in telecommunications could be forced to separate their networks from their services as part of an overhaul being considered by the EU, the FT reported Thursday. Using the UK as an example, EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding told the financial daily that “functional separation” worked and led to increased competition and faster adoption […]

DSL surges across Europe

More than 17.5 million people took out DSL subscriptions across Europe last year, bringing the total to 66,374,600 – a growth of 36 per cent from 2005. The figures, from the DSL Forum, show Europe as the leading DSL region worldwide, accounting for more than 35 per cent of all DSL subscribers. According to the […]

Nacchio accused of hiding stock

Jurors at the insider dealing trial of Joe Nacchio heard the prosecution allege Wednesday, that he tried to hide $90m (£45.8m) of Qwest assets by transferring stock into his wife’s accounts. The trial, now in its second week, saw prosecutor Kevin Traskas ask Judge Edward Nottingham for permission to introduce evidence to support his claim. […]

FCC investigates net neutrality

The US Federal Communications Commission late last week launched an inquiry into so called ‘net neutrality’. The investigation will serve to allow the regulator to better understand the behaviour of participants in the broadband services market. The Commission will investigate how broadband providers are managing internet traffic on their networks today; whether providers charge different […]

Alcatel trawls up huge IMS-like beast in US waters

Monster equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent has secured a giant contract to supply US telco Verizon Wireless with kit for a substantial network upgrade. In a deal that strongly bears out the trend towards more consulting, support services and hosting content in vendors’ products, Verizon will spend $6bn over three years with the Franco-American megavendor. Specifically, the […]

Rumours abound of Nortel GSM sale

Rumours are doing the rounds that Alcatel-Lucent has signed an agreement with Nortel, giving the mega vendor first option to buy the Canadian firm’s GSM business should it come up for sale. According to a document apparently acquired by French daily Les Echos, Alcatel-Lucent would have 30 days to make a first offer, before the […]

Femtocells drive fixed mobile substitution

Small indoor basestations, known as femtocells and picocells, will be the driving force behind fixed mobile substitution, according to research from industry experts, Analysys. The analyst group believes that femtocells will spur the migration of voice traffic from fixed to mobile networks, until 3G networks carry the majority of voice traffic. Femtocells will also undermine […]

WiMAX players sign roaming agreement

The newly formed WiMAX Spectrum Owners Alliance (WiSOA) this week signed the world’s first WiMAX roaming agreement, providing seamless “GSM-like” roaming amongst WiMAX networks, as well as roaming partnerships with global wifi and 3G networks. WiSOA was founded in September by a handful of early adopters of the technology including, Unwired Australia, Network Plus Mauritius, […]

802.11n clears another hurdle

The latest incarnation of the wifi platform, 802.11n, is on something of a roll at the moment, after the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) working group this week unanimously approved draft 2.0 of the specification. Following early rumours of in-fighting and failed ballots, the draft specification has leapt from version 1.10 to version […]

$20bn contract gives US telecoms execs the jitters

American telecoms executives may well be slightly agitated this month as they await the US General Services Administration’s (GSA) decision on who has won the largest telecommunications contract ever awarded. Dubbed ‘Networx Universal’, the contract is thought to be worth around $20bn (£10.33bn) but that figure could rise. AT&T, Verizon Communications, Qwest Communications and Sprint […]

Nokia Siemens Networks ready to go

Newly merged mega-vendor, Nokia Siemens Networks, said Thursday it will start operations under its new moniker on April 1. Both companies have also agreed to increase their respective contributions to the new 50:50-owned company, with Siemens to contributing Eur2.4bn and Nokia to contribute Eur1.7bn. Since Nokia will consolidate the financial results of Nokia Siemens Networks, […]

WiMAX comes to Lone Star state

Finnish vendor Nokia said Wednesday that it has been tapped by Sprint Nextel to deliver mobile WiMAX kit to four Texas markets as part of the US carrier’s initial build out. Nokia will deploy WiMAX infrastructure, including its Flexi WiMAX Base Station, at sites throughout the four Texas markets in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio […]

ZTE, Datang licensed to sell 3G kit in China

Chinese equipment vendor ZTE said Monday that it has been awarded a TD-SCDMA network entry certificate by the country’s Ministry of Information Industry (MII). The certificate marks ZTE as one of the first vendors allowed to sell kit based on the homebrew 3G standard in China. Local equipment maker Datang is also reported to have […]

Police foil UK net attack

Scotland Yard is believed to have uncovered a terrorist plot to attack one of Europe’s largest collocation facilities, which houses a significant amount of telecoms infrastructure and is a main hub for UK internet traffic. A report in UK newspaper the Sunday Times reveals that UK police discovered computer files during a series of raids […]

Emerging markets among the most penetrated

In 2006, Middle Eastern nation Bahrain became the world’s most penetrated country, ending the year with a 139.6 per cent penetration rate that was driven by a 22.6 per cent annual increase in the number of mobile subscribers, according to Global Mobile’s latest survey of global wireless users. Global Mobile  is a sister publication of […]