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The Podcast: 6G, investment and RAN

The pod is delighted to welcome back former Chief Network Architect at BT Neil McRae, who starts by telling us about his new job. They move on to talk about 6G, with Scott and Iain having recently attended a conference on the matter, then get a report from Neil on a UK telecoms investment initiative he is part of, and conclude by trying to unravel the intricacies of the latest innovations in the Radio Access Network and why, if at all, we should care.

The Podcast: BT, Huawei and vRAN

Scott, Iain and Pierre get some rare quality time together on this week’s guest-free pod. Inevitably the preamble is somewhat protracted but they eventually get on to reviewing the latest news surrounding BT, including some recent media coverage that landed its CEO in hot water. They move on to discuss the implications of a ban in Chinese 5G kit in Germany before concluding with a look at the competitive implications of the vRAN movement.