Category: AI & Automation

The Podcast: BT, AI and digital ID

In the final pod before a summer holiday break, Iain and Scott reflect on a nice dinner with BT that even Producer Pierre got an invite to. It coincided with the news that CEO Philip Jansen will be moving on so the lads start by reviewing some of the speculation around why that happened and who could replace him. They move on to talk about a recent event hosted by analyst firm Omdia that looked at the pros and cons of AI before squeezing in a quick summary of Europe’s digital ID ambitions.

The Podcast: Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and AI

Another guest-free episode as the industry eases into the summer holiday season. Most of the source material is supplied by Iain this week and they start by reviewing one of his stories reporting on Deutsche Telekom’s attitude to the EU telling operators not to use Huawei kit. They move on to review Nokia’s big summer product launches, before concluding with a look at some of the more immediate challenges posed by the artificial intelligence boom.