Category: AI & Automation

The direct link between smartphone bugs and customer churn

Consumers expect that their device is easy-to-operate and immune from bugs and glitches. Yet, given the range of applications a user can download, coupled with the frequency with which they are used, smartphones are bound to malfunction periodically.

WebRTC isn’t the only game in town

The first thing to understand about WebRTC is that it’s open source and free, which has the advantage of lowering entry barriers and enabling developers of apps such as OTT consumer apps where there is a lower income per user model to take advantage of its capabilities.

Citrix looking to sell declining ByteMobile

At its investor’s conference call, Citrix confirmed it has been in discussions with a variety of third parties regarding the sale of its mobile network traffic management arm, ByteMobile.

Oracle updates OSS suite for the NFV era

Oracle Communications has released an update to its OSS suite that is designed to give CSPs the agility migrate to virtualized technologies such as NFV when they’re ready.

Sailfish smartphone OS takes off in India

Finnish mobile company Jolla has confirmed Intex Technologies, one of India’s largest smartphone manufacturers, will be the first licensing partner for its Sailfish 2.0 operating system.

WeDo launches customer profiling software

Portuguese business assurance outfit WeDo has launched a new software suite designed to help telcos better profile their customers and anticipate commercial opportunities.

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