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Microsoft, Yahoo team up for search and advertising

The long rumoured partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo has finally come to pass, but not as a merger. Instead, the two companies will combine their search and advertising experience to take on the might of Google.

Spotify coming to iPhone

Music streaming service Spotify has created an iPhone app and sent it over to Apple for approval and inclusion into the App Store.

Mobile is conspicuous by its absence in O2’s financial play

UK cellco O2 recently announced that it is entering the personal-finance sector with the launch in August of two prepaid Visa cards in conjunction with NatWest bank. In a press release issued by O2, a NatWest executive is quoted as saying that these “groundbreaking” cards will “really raise the bar in terms of the added value customers will get from the interaction with their mobile phone.”

SpinVox says humans are necessary for time being

UK-based SpinVox has hit back at the naysayers, who claim that the firm’s speech to text technology isn’t as robust as the company claims, by explaining its “world-leading breakthroughs in automatic speech recognition (ASR) combined with artificial intelligence, semantics and natural linguistics”.

Blyk ad-funded MVNO model fails

Blyk has finally pulled the plug on its mobile virtual network operation, a move that will be seen as an admission of failure of its ad-funded MVNO model.

Spinvox in a spin over privacy worries

UK-based speech to text specialist Spinvox has been caught up in controversy this week over its data protection standards, leading to questions about the company’s finances.

Vodafone puts faith in machines

Vodafone, the world’s biggest carrier by revenues, is ramping up its presence in the Machine to Machine (M2M) space, with the launch of a global service platform to help companies deploy and manage large, wireless M2M projects.

Symbian accidentally certifies worm

The Symbian Foundation has been left with egg on its face after accidentally sanctioning what experts are calling the first text message worm in history.

Mobile VoIP’s impact limited for now

There have been indications over the last year that Europe’s mobile VoIP market is starting to open up. A few operators have struck or broadened partnerships with mobile VoIP providers, some of which have themselves noted a change in attitude to their presence in the market.

Symbian to play application middle man

The Symbian Foundation announced an application publishing programme on Thursday afternoon that will see it attempt to bridge the gap between developers and application stores. Dubbed Symbian Horizon, the new initiative was described by Symbian’s Sean Puckrin, who is leading the programme, as equivalent to a record label in the music business.

LG crashes app store party

Korean handset manufacturer LG Electronics has realised it needs to get in on the app store action to be a contender.

Box clever

Mobile advertising has so far proven something of a slow burn. In 2009 the industry’s hottest talking point has been application stores. Mike Hibberd looks at how the two may come together in the form of in-application advertising.

Zain’s African safari could be coming to an end

All good things must come to an end, and it looks as if Zain’s African adventure might be drawing to a close. There is little doubt that Zain is considering the sale of its operations in sub-Saharan Africa, or at least of a stake in those operations.

Orange UK takes locks off music

UK mobile operator Orange has revealed plans to revamp its music store, taking the increasingly popular DRM-free approach to music distribution.


When will autonomous vehicle be a commercial reality for transportation companies?

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