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ARM talks IoT security and 5G modems

At the recent MWC event mobile chip designer launched a new design aimed squarely at the Internet of Things, with a focus on improved end-point security.

In the Wink of an eye: the history of home automation

Wink’s primary concern is to take all the different brands in the connected space, and create a simple, elegant interface that not only allows users to control everything, but to create interactions between the distinct products.

Amazon, Brita deal takes consumer IoT to a new level

Water filter vendor Brita has been added to the growing list of companies signed up to the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), adding further to momentum generated behind the consumer IoT industry.

Huawei talks ICT transformation at MWC 2016

Huawei’s Wei Bing, Director of Marketing for global technical services, talks to at Mobile World Congress 2016 about the imperative nature of ICT transformation for today’s telco.

IoT partnerships dominate MWC 2016

Mobile world Congress in Barcelona has seen a variety of global telcos, equipment makers and industries announce their partnership plans as IoT continues to come closer to realisation.

Harnessing the IoT opportunity

Operators will prove integral to any and all success achieved by the internet of things (IoT), and operators need to prepare to manage the explosion in traffic brought about by the IoT revolution.

ZigBee and the smart metering phenomenon

It certainly hasn’t been an easy ride for ZigBee! Its journey has, in fact, been a pretty bumpy one full of the usual potholes and dead-ends that face many a new wireless technology.

The long and winding road to 2025

The technology sector probably invokes the most remarkable sense of nostalgia out of any industry. 10 years ago, the smartphone as we know it today was yet to be invented. Intelligence Annual Industry Survey 2016

Building on the success of our prestigious Annual Industry Survey, the 2016 edition is the largest undertaking we’ve embarked on to date. This year’s survey took in the thoughts and perspectives of more than 1,500 telecoms professionals with a staggering cumulative experience of 24,000 years. As usual we begin with our comprehensive sweep of the […]

Finding success in the Integration of Things

The first step companies must take to reap the full range of benefits IoT can provide is to become aware of the value context can provide in building a seamless and efficient IoT environment.

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