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Roaming and LTE behind Canadian operators’ switch

The move by Canadian CDMA operators Bell Mobility and Telus to launch WCDMA/HSPA probably won’t disrupt the market anytime soon, though it does put the companies in position to gain new roaming revenue and ultimately launch LTE.

Downturn may boost network sharing

At a recent conference, someone suggested that network sharing is a bit like healthy eating in the UK: Everyone talks about it obsessively and watches endless TV shows about the subject, but nobody actually does anything about it.

Alcatel Lucent: fixed for the future?

As Ben Verwaayen takes over at Alcatel Lucent, some observers are not sure how much of an advantage this will give the firm. There are clearly high hopes that the new Alcatel Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen can end the so-called “cultural differences” that have beset the less than convincingly merged company. Even as his appointment […]

Mobile VoIP: cheap talk

Thanks largely to the fear of a bit-pipe future, mobile network operators continue to drag their heels over a truly open mobile internet. If MNOs become ISPs, the carriers may well lose their voice. There is a branch of applied mathematics used in social sciences known as game theory. A common ‘game’ used to help […]

Ten ways for operators to cut costs

The pressure has long been on operators to squeeze cost out of their businesses, while at the same time broadening their service portfolios and growing their footprints to boost turnover.

Industry integrates femtos into LTE, WiMAX networks

The Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) forum has had a busy week, announcing its second collaboration in as many days. On Thursday, the carrier forum announced a partnership with another busy group, the Femto Forum, to develop architectures for next generation mobile broadband networks based on WiMAX and LTE. The two bodies will work together […]

Emerging markets: The balance of power

With subscriber growth increasingly restricted to emerging markets with a huge collective population, the operators able to achieve success in these regions will find themselves among the most powerful in the world. And then they’ll want to go global.

Enterprise services: It’s business time

The scale and complexity of enterprise services is mind-boggling. Operators find themselves targeting a vast range of organisations, everything from a ‘man with a van’ removals business right up to blue chip multinational conglomerates with installed employee user bases of tens of thousands and communications budgets of tens – sometimes hundreds – of millions of dollars. There is no such thing as one size fits all and so segmentation plays a vital role.

Industry guarded on WiMAX/LTE merger

Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin has suggested that WiMAX and LTE technologies could be merged, to reduce the burden on the industry of developing dual standards. In a keynote speech at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sarin said that LTE could “provide room for TDD WiMAX.”

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