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HSPA no threat to WiMAX, says Intel

Despite the rollout of HSPA networks gathering pace around the world, with the top-end of the HSPA range (without MIMO) offering peak downlink rates of 14.4Mbps, it does not unduly concern Siavash Alamouti, CTO of Intel’s Mobile Wireless Group.

TeliaSonera demos live LTE connection

Nordic carrier TeliaSonera’s Norwegian subsidiary Netcom, claimed Thursday to have achieved a world first by connecting to the internet over a live commercial LTE network in Oslo.

Clearwire CEO sees no threat from LTE

“LTE is going to have some disadvantages,” says Bill Morrow, Clearwire CEO. Speaking to about the potential ‘threat’ from LTE in light of Verizon’s plans to roll out the rival ‘4G’ technology in 20 to 30 US markets by the end of next year.

LTE World Summit 2009 Show Highlights

LTE World Summit 2009, by far the best attended LTE event in the telecoms industry, is now over for 2009. Thank you to everyone that attended and contributed to 2009’s extremely successful show and ensure you visit the website at for more information regarding 2010’s event.

Ericsson, TeliaSonera launch ‘commercial’ LTE site

Ericsson has underlined its ‘4G’ supplier credentials with the launch in Stockholm of what it says is a ‘commercial’ LTE site. Rolled out in partnership with TeliaSonera, the site is not strictly commercial, since there are no paying customers on it, but it will form part of the Nordic carrier’s commercial LTE network in Sweden’s capital city, which is scheduled to go live in 2010.

Finland paves way for 4G rollout

Finnish carriers TeliaSonera, Elisa and DNA have all been allocated additional wireless spectrum, potentially allowing them to start building out 4G mobile networks immediately.

LTE, WiMAX to boost stickiness, stop churn, save revenues

Next generation wireless technologies such as 3G LTE and Mobile WiMAX will prompt operators to adopt an ‘open access’ mentality, allowing any client device to connect to the network. This will lead to higher service stickiness and reduced churn, analysts say.

DoCoMo squeezes 120Mbps out of LTE

Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo said Monday that it has successfully field tested LTE technology, claiming wireless transmissions in the range of 120Mbps in an urban environment.

WiMAX and the regulator

WiMAX supporters can claim with some justification that telecom regulators, in some of the world’s key markets, are dampening the technology’s growth prospects in the near term through overlong periods of ‘consultation’. India is an obvious example. Ongoing disputes between different government departments, blurred divisions of responsibility between the regulator (TRAI) and the Department of […]

WiMAX to outpace LTE over next few years

Due to its head start on commercial deployment, mobile WiMAX will outpace LTE over the next few years. So says In-Stat, a market research firm, from findings in its latest report, ‘The Road to 4G: LTE and WiMAX Lead the Way’.

MWC is quieter, but major noise surrounds mobile broadband

The Mobile World Congress was noticeably quieter this year but nonetheless produced a number of announcements that should increase the already considerable momentum behind mobile broadband. What was significant, and encouraging, was a theme of companies forming partnerships. Although commercial gain is obviously the main impetus behind these partnerships, they should also have the desired […]

When it comes to the crunch

The world is in the grip of a serious credit crunch and no sector will escape unscathed. While it is unlikely that we will see scenes of devastation to compare with the telecoms collapse of 2001 – 2002, the mobile industry will be hit hard and forced to adapt. ‘Recession’ is an emotive word in […]

WiMAX: willing and scalable

Behind the touchscreen and ‘app store’ fanfare at the MWC event in Barcelona last week, WiMAX was taking quiet but significant steps towards having what the WiMAX Forum believes will be 800 million people within reach of WiMAX networks by 2010.

Verizon names LTE suppliers

Verizon CTO, Dick Lynch, has named Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent as the company’s LTE base station suppliers. Speaking at the MWC event in Barcelona, Lynch added that further LTE trials will take place this summer using the 700MHz frequency band with commercial deployment slated for next year in ’20 to 30 markets in the US’. Verizon […]

LTE is ’embryonic’, says Agilent

Despite all the marketing noise that is sure to be generated by LTE supporters during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week, Agilent – a test & measurement specialist – believes there is still some way to go before LTE is widely commercially available and delivering the much-touted speeds of 100Mbps and above. […]

Qualcomm focused on bilateral deals for LTE IPR

As new rounds of IPR negotiations over OFDM/OFDMA technologies loom, Qualcomm is out to persuade critics that its approach to IPR is vastly transparent, not to mention fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory. But will that forestall future licensing disagreements?

China’s 3G wall comes down

Huawei and ZTE are the only clear-cut winners to emerge so far. Who are the winners and losers from the award of 3G licences in China last month? As widely expected, China Mobile was granted a TD-SCDMA licence, China Unicom a WCDMA concession, and a CDMA2000 EV-DO licence was awarded to China Telecom. But as […]

Developers have finally found their pot of gold in the iPhone

It hasn’t been an easy ride for mobile content developers. In the value chain that feeds content to operator portals, developers are always right at the bottom, and revenue from the sale of the content they create tends to filter down several middle layers before the, often, smallest portion ends up in their hands.

Moto launches LTE trial in UK

Troubled US manufacturer Motorola said Monday that it has launched an LTE trial network and testing lab in the UK. The project, based in Swindon, has carried out standards compliant LTE calls during which high speed data services were streamed using Motorola’s LTE infrastructure operating in the 2.6GHz spectrum and a prototype LTE device. Moto […]


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