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Huawei wins Swedish LTE deal

Chinese equipment vendor Huawei was making lots of noise on Friday, after it was awarded the contract to build an LTE network in Sweden, beating local rival Ericsson.

DoCoMo prepares for LTE rollout

Leading Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo said Thursday it is laying the foundations for its LTE deployment by rolling out new WCDMA base stations that will be compatible with the 4G technology.

Share and share alike

Leading operators in Western Europe have instigated infrastructure sharing and outsourcing deals, but carriers in developing markets are now beginning to look into alliances that would relieve them of heavy costs and speed expansion into rural areas.

O2 trials LTE in UK

Next generation networking technology LTE is on a roll at the moment, doing a whistle stop tour of picturesque locations such as Stockholm, Oslo and Slough in just a few days.

Increasing mobile network capacity without the technology upgrade

As use of mobile internet devices such as smartphones and 3G dongles continues to grow, more mobile subscribers want to access high data volume internet applications such as video. This is leading to an unprecedented increase in traffic on the mobile networks.

A victim of its own success

Global subscribers to mobile data services reached 186 million in 2008 largely thanks to the adoption of the iPhone and Android devices. But the impact has been on more than the top line as networks strive to reduce traffic and increase capacity.

EU move lends helping hand to UMTS900

The EU’s official ratification of the updated GSM Directive is good news for operators across the region. The move means that governments will now be obliged to allow them to use 2G spectrum to roll out 3G and other high-speed technologies in the 900MHz band.

Cisco snaps up Starent in $3bn deal

Networking giant Cisco continues to increase its presence in the telco space, on Tuesday announcing an agreement to acquire IP and multimedia kit vendor Starent Networks for $2.9bn.

Verizon opens 4G innovation lab

US carrier Verizon Wireless demonstrated its commitment to 4G technology LTE this week with the formation of a forum designed to develop and promote LTE technologies.

And then there was (The Network of) One

I’ve been in Munich for the last couple of days, listening to Nokia Siemens Networks executives tell us industry analysts all about the new company strategy. Bearing in mind who the parents of this joint venture are, old skool bastions of Northern European communications engineering, renowned for delivering solid products with solid performance, the company at first seemed to have gone all soft and fluffy.

LTE interest gathering steam

It’s been a busy summer for the LTE crowd, with the technology gaining some considerable traction among early adopters in Europe, Japan and the US, and all eyes on 2010 as the year Long Term Evolution goes commercial.

NSN, China Mobile test TD-LTE femtocells

As LTE continues to gather industry momentum, vendors and operators are turning their attention to the problem of indoor coverage, which has dogged 3G deployments worldwide.

NSN claims first call on commercial LTE kit

Next generation wireless standard LTE continues to pick up steam, with infrastructure vendor Nokia Siemens Networks this week claiming to have made the world’s first call using commercial and standards compliant LTE kit.

The business case for femtocells still requires careful consideration

Vodafone UK’s femtocell launch in July appeared to be a significant breakthrough for the technology in Europe. The timing of the move by such a large operator took many in the industry by surprise, and some vendors have spoken of a significant rise in activity since the launch.


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