Category: Policy and Regulation

US and EU menace Malaysia over Huawei

The Malaysian government has reportedly received separate letters from the US and EU, warning it of negative consequences if it allows Huawei kit in the country’s 5G networks.

The Podcast: Freshwave, Open RAN and US vs China

After a short break the pod returns with special guest Tom Bennett from Freshwave. His company is all about neutral host infrastructure, so they start with a look at that market. Inevitably, Open RAN works its way into the conversation which, in turn provides an opportunity to discuss interesting startup EdgeQ. The situation between the US and China is never far from telecoms chat these days either, and they conclude with a look at how that conflict is ramping further.

US telcos solve C-band airline interference issue

Four major US mobile operators have agreed to a series of undertakings designed to address concerns over airline safety and to allow them to use their C-band spectrum to its full extent.

EU opens in-depth Orange-MasMovil probe

The European Commission has launched an in-depth investigation into the proposed merger between Orange and MasMovil, concerned that the deal could harm competition in Spain.