Category: Policy and Regulation

How Ofcom is paving the way to business innovation

More devices, the rise of cloud and greater networked applications mean that today’s businesses are hungrier than ever for connectivity. In fact, Gartner estimates that enterprises will experience a 28% growth in network traffic in the next year.

Charter’s $55 billion Time Warner Cable capture approved

The $55 billion merger of Charter and Time Warner Cable has been given the green light by the FCC, creating the second largest ISP in the US market. An additional $10 billion deal for Bright House Networks has also been approved.

The telecoms industry and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) – where are we now?

Since the New Year, the UPC Preparatory Committee (the Committee) has come to an agreement on a number of matters, the key amongst which are the Rules of the UPC on fees and recoverable costs. So after much debate and speculation the telecoms industry, alongside others, can finally begin to assess the costs of the new regime and litigating in the UPC.

UK MPs slam broadband advertising

A group of UK MPs initially formed to attack BT’s Openreach wholesale division has moved its focus to the accuracy of broadband provider speed claims.

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