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Taking the lead on IT automation

IT automation is now a strategic initiative and long-term IT strategy. The division between the stated importance of IT automation and its lack of widespread use could be due to the way these tools have historically been employed. Implementing a unified IT automation strategy is critical for companies to improve efficiencies and pursue digital transformation […]

Driving down the cost of deploying and operating O-RAN – RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

The RIC enables the optimization of RAN resources through near real-time analytic processing and provides adaption recommendations. The RAN intelligent Controller (RIC) is cloud native, and a central component of an open and virtualized RAN network. It helps operators to optimize and launch new services by allowing them to make the most of network resources. […]

Private cloud ecosystems open up innovation and opportunities

Stefan Bovy, Director Cloud Service Centre at Proximus; and Johan Fredriksson, VP and Head of Telecommunications, EMEA at Red Hat; discuss cloud strategy, the importance of open ecosystems, and confidential computing in public clouds. These leaders discuss cloud strategy, the critical importance of open partnerships and ecosystems, the challenges of becoming agile, and the promise […]

5G and Avionics Technologies Harmonization

Radio altimeters are designed to generate data for other safety equipment on the plane, including navigation instruments, terrain awareness, and collision-avoidance systems. These sensitive avionic devices could be susceptible to RF interference, creating concern that they might provide wrong readings or not function at all. This paper aims to provide awareness of the potential impacts […]

Telco BSS: The B2B customer experience challenge: Transforming to match enterprises’ 5G ambitions

This recent Omdia report examines the challenges of transforming the customer experience to support 5G value creation. Read about the capabilities that CSP support systems need to deliver a truly seamless customer experience and help enterprises fulfill their ambitions. The report addresses these three key questions, among others: What customer experiences do business customers want […]

Are big Internet events getting you in trouble? Flow Analytics to the rescue!

This Vendor View is sponsored by Benocs Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever done a great job on something, only to be blind-sided with blame when something unexpected or out of your control goes wrong? Then perhaps you could relate to this story. As a part of their job, Network Engineers are […]

Facebook launches a pair of spy shades

Internet giant Facebook has teamed up with Ray-Ban to launch a pair of shades that not only hide your eyes but enable you to surreptitiously record video.

eBook: How to Enable More Voice and Data Connections Everywhere

The need for connecting people, places, and things in rural geographies translates into significant opportunities for MNOs; opportunities to quickly enter new markets and address government regulatory pressures. Download this eBook to explore topics such as: Opportunities for Mobile Network Operators 3 Mobile Backhaul Technology Options 4 Challenges of Terrestrial Backhaul for Rural Areas The […]

Smartphone growth returns after Covid blip

Global smartphone shipments are set to increase by 7.4% this year, marking a return to growth after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the industry in 2020, according to new analyst figures.