Design for success: Open fibre networks in Europe

Date: 17th February Time: 10am GMT As the growth of FTTH networks accelerates, attention must be paid to key considerations that will affect the long-term business success of fibre roll-out. Aspects such as population density, network openness, the right choice of access technology, financing options or the need for future upgradeability all translate directly to […]

Data protection: Lessons learnt from 2020 and the trends to look out for in 2021

Date: 19th January Time: 10am GMT 2020 was a challenging year. Companies and individuals had to face new work conditions with restricted travels and remote working employees and governments were challenged with ways to battle the pandemic with infection predictions, contact tracing, lockdowns and containments. Companies had to prove flexibility to adjust to rapidly changing […]

How the communications industry can drive post-COVID-19 economic recovery

Date: 16th December Time: 10am UK Time COVID-19 has badly damaged the economy in all parts of the world, but the communications industry has fared well, thanks to the increased demand for reliable and secure connectivity. Now when the world is slowly but surely coming out the other side of the pandemic, it is time […]

Leveraging open source technologies to build the first service assurance solution in the cloud

This webinar is a dual broadcast Date: 10th December First broadcast: 9:00 am GMT London time Second broadcast: 12:00 pm EST New York time Digital service providers are moving to microservices-based cloud-native architectures to help realize their OSS/BSS modernization visions. In this series, we’ll discuss real-world open source use cases and best practices from selected […]

Saving Space on the Tower: the MIMO/5G challenge

Date: 9th December Time: 10am UK Time At cell sites within the macro network, towers are straining as more equipment is added. Heavily-loaded towers not only increase lease costs and require costly structural upgrades, they exacerbate visual impact—which can delay zoning approvals and time to market. This forces engineers to balance site performance with tower […]

DNS under siege: How to improve your DNS security

Date: 2nd December Time: 3pm UK Time Telecom operators have experienced more attacks to their DNS services in the past 12 months than to any other part of their networks, according to Telecoms.com 2020 Annual Industry Survey. While nearly half of the operators are protecting their DNS services against volumetric DDoS attacks, other types of […]

How to Monetize 5G Experience? Evolving from Infrastructure to Platform

Date: 25th November Time: 3pm UK Time With data becoming a commodity there is a question about how are service providers going to grow revenues? The answer lies in providing 5G network embedded services and monetizing 5G experiences. This approach requires service providers to leverage and monetize the full power of the new network, and […]

The Role of Virtualization in the Broadband HFC Network Evolution

Date: 19th November Time: 10am UK Time Service Providers need to evolve their networks to support the ever-growing demand for broadband bandwidth and video services. This requires a flexible and adaptable network deployment solution. Traditional, DAA and Virtualization architectures enable service providers to optimally evolve their broadband networks as needed. Using techniques such as Bandwidth […]

Accelerating 5G With the Network Digital Twin

Date: 19th November Time: 4pm UK Time Around the world, 5G rollouts are gaining pace, but early deployments are giving us just a glimpse of its transformative potential. The challenge for the communications industry now is to accelerate 5G, to make sure initial non-standalone launches are a success and then leverage the capabilities of standalone […]

Building a real-time, cloud-native charging platform tailored for 5G

This webinar is a dual broadcast Date: 11th November First broadcast: 9:00 am GMT London time Second broadcast: 12:00 pm EST New York time Digital service providers are moving to microservices-based cloud-native architectures to help realize their OSS/BSS modernization visions. In this series, we’ll discuss real-world open source use cases and best practices from selected […]

Scaling Telco Expertise With OpenShift Kubernetes Operators

Date: 10th November Time: 5pm UK Time Imagine the perfect colleague: autonomous, focuses on relevant and timely challenges, identifies and shares best practices and has the ability to work well with anyone from the new intern to the CEO. In the world of Kubernetes development, that “colleague” is an Operator. It might be a stretch […]

The Future of Distributed Cloud

Date: 27th October Time: 3pm UK Time 5G is about much more than autonomous vehicles and connected robots. It’s a transformative technology that will have an impact on how we actually evolve. Distributed Cloud technology will play a fundamental role in how 5G gets designed, deployed and managed. During this webinar we will explore some […]

How to build cloud-native applications for Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform

Date: 27th October Time: 4pm UK Time Are you ready to bring Cloud Native Functions to market? Red Hat is here to help. As you know, moving existing on-premise applications to the cloud while creating cloud-native applications quickly and efficiently is a challenge. You’ll also need to understand how to integrate a set of disaggregated […]

Accelerating microservices development

This webinar is a dual broadcast Date: 15th October First broadcast: 9:00 am BST London time Second broadcast: 12:00 pm EDT New York time Digital service providers are moving to microservices-based cloud-native architectures to make their OSS and BSS more agile and adaptable for new service creation. In this series, we’ll discuss real-world open source […]

Implementing 5G Edge Computing

Date: 14th October Time: 3pm UK Time Multi-access edge computing (MEC), formerly known as mobile edge computing, has been catching the telecoms industry’s imagination for many years. However its large-scale commercial implementation in real life has been elusive. The fast rollout of 5G is changing the landscape and is taking MEC closer to reality than […]

How to deliver the best-value FTTx deployment

Date: 29th September Time: 10am UK Time The world has never been craving reliable broadband connectivity as much as it is now, and fibre to the x (FTTx) is one of the strongest candidates to deliver it. Political and commercial pledges to deliver fibre connections have been made across the world. When such demand is […]

5G Security: Safeguarding the network and your customer data

Date: 23rd September Time: 10am UK Time 5G will become a critical enabler for the digital economy and the digital society in the coming decade and it also marks a fundamental change in how networks are built, operated and managed. It presents a massive opportunity for service providers enabling new use cases across many industry […]

Architecture for High-Performance Cloud-Native CDN

Date: 15th September Time: 3pm UK Time The demand for cloud-based content delivery networks (CDN) is growing fast in the 5G era, driven by the ever-increasing volume of media services and high-quality video content on the network. To minimize the distance this content travels over the Internet, communication service providers (CSPs) are widely deploying their […]

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What role will consumers expect telcos to play when COVID-19 is behind us?

  • As a reliable utility similar to the role they have managed to play during the pandemic (45%, 13 Votes)
  • Rolling out new technologies and services to support new customer behaviours (28%, 8 Votes)
  • Turning special service offerings during the pandemic into standard offerings (17%, 5 Votes)
  • As a digital platform that they have struggled to change into since the pre-COVID times (10%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 19

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