5G for Consumers – Who’s Leading the Race?

Date: 3rd November
Time: 9am GMT

According to statistics from GSMA shows, more than 176 5G networks have been deployed around the globe, with 220 million 5G users. The speed of 5G user adoption has exceeded expectations and are more than that of any other generation of communication technologies in history, and China and South Korea are the leaders in user acquisition and new service offerings.

Yet, questions remain. Will 5G help service providers grow their revenue while also growing their subscriber bases? It is all about how 5G can help improve network performance, offer more compelling services, and more importantly, deliver a new level of user experience for consumers.

In this webinar, the leading service providers will share their status of delivering consumer level 5G services that will be an important reference to the rest of the world.

Chen Sihan – President – GSMA Greater China
Alexandre Harmand – Head of Core and Service Platforms – Telefonica
Ma Hongbin – CTO – China Unicom
Chi Xu, Founder – Nreal
Michael Jakob Reinartz – Director Innovation and Consumer Services – Vodafone Germany
Wang Hengjiang – Deputy General Manager – China Mobile Device Company
Li Lin – Vice President Service BG – Migu Culture and Technology

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