Agile Monetisation in the Enterprise 5G World

5G network digital and internet of things on city background.5G network wireless system Concept.

Date: 23rd September
Time: 2pm BST

The enterprise market promises the greatest returns on 5G investment. However, CSPs operating with legacy BSS stacks designed for the consumer market will struggle to support new B2B services enabled by 5G and IoT, and to serve these customers effectively. Some operators may embark on lengthy digital transformation projects to add B2B capabilities to their consumer-oriented stack, but this approach is likely to prove unsuccessful as the enterprise market is fundamentally different from the consumer market.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • The enterprise 5G opportunity
  • Why a consumer-oriented BSS stack isn’t suitable for the enterprise market
  • Why digital transformation projects often fail
  • The alternative to digital transformation

Steve Bowen, CEO -MDS Global
Alan Forbes, Business Solutions Director – MDS Global
Victoria Sharpe, Sales Manager – MDS Global
Wei Shi, Intelligence Manager – Telecoms.com

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