Automate to Deliver Consistent Security & Compliance Across Hybrid Environments

Visibility, control, security and maintaining governance and compliance are all critical for managing your infrastructure — for virtual networking and operations. However, these are becoming more difficult and time consuming as your infrastructure evolves to a mix of bare metal, virtual, cloud and container environments. How can you maintain security, governance, compliance and reduce risk amid this growing complexity?

Red Hat’s automated security and compliance solution gives you the tools — Red Hat Ansible Automation, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Insights and OpenSCAP — to help you with these challenges.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how these Red Hat technologies can help:

  • Implement a security and compliance automation workflow, such as provisioning security-compliant hosts and maintaining compliance against industry or custom security profiles by automating audit scans and doing controlled remediations of detected issues.
  • Identify and remediate security threats proactively with predictive analytics.
  • Implement both infrastructure and security as code.
  • Automate patch and configuration management for consistency across your environments.
  • Deliver continuous security and monitoring that is centrally managed for your hybrid infrastructure.
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Should privacy be treated as a right to protect stringently, or a commodity for users to trade for benefits?

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