Broadband CPE Application-Based Monetization Strategies for CSP

Date: 31st March
Time: 4pm UK Time

Containerization – system and application-based – is a mature concept that has been mainstream in the IT and CSP worlds for over 15 years. It consists of a rich eco-system of software frameworks, implementations, open-source and commercial solutions. Though the standards bodies have been more than happy to support containerization in the CPE space, service providers faced several challenges. CPE price sensitivity led to devices that lacked the necessary resources such as robust RAM and CPE functionality. SOC vendor challenges and closed-source firmware implementations also made it very difficult to integrate open-source software components.

This will change in 2021, as major Tier-1 service providers now recognize the importance of owning the home network. They recognize that robust CPE, even at a higher cost, is the key to customer loyalty, as well as a vehicle to offer new services and increase ARPU. COVID-19 quarantines have also highlighted the importance of SLA-based access in the home, as customers need an enterprise-level home network. This webinar will discuss how service providers are not only adopting containerization for improved operations, but are also embracing it fully as a monetization strategy and valuable competitive differentiator.

John Kendall, Principal Analyst – Omdia
Gino Dion, Head of Innovation solutions, Fixed Networks – Nokia
Luca Deri, Founder – ntop

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