Business Benefits of NWDAF

Date: 12th April 

Time: 2pm UK Time

Amdocs | Openet invite you to an in-depth discussion on the business benefits associated with the new 5G function, Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF). In 2022, CSPs are focusing on the automation of their network operations to improve efficiency and customer experience. This webinar will address the key considerations when looking to determine the business benefits of deploying NWDAF as part of the 5G control plane and how best to leverage NWDAF to maximise existing investments in AI and data analytics.

Key topics include:

  • NWDAF Intro and Overview
  • Why NWDAF is So Critical for 5G Innovation and Revenue Growth
  • How NWDAF Can Work with Other 5G Functions
  • Considerations for Use Case Selection and Application
  • NWDAF in Context with 5G Value Plane  – Monetising Your 5G Network
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