Enterprise 5G and AI Must Be Built on Collaboration: The Role of QCT 5G x AI Open Lab

Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Time: 9:00 AM BST

To connect their 5G ecosystem and unleash the full value of 5G, QCT established its 5G x AI Open Lab that provides its own enterprise private network equipment for partners to carry out end-to-end integrated development and testing. It also acts as an incubation center to jointly promote the development of 5G solutions through industrial exchanges and integration of 5G application scenarios.

In this webinar, we will find out more about the current state of affairs of private 5G networks. We will also focus on how commercialization of 5G use-cases can be accelerated through QCT’s strong ecosystem of technology partners to innovate, developing technology and data center solutions. QCT’s breath of experience extends across a variety of applications in many verticals, including building Digital Twin in smart manufacturing to increase productivity.

Key topics include:

  • Private 5G market update and opportunities
  • Challenges to private networks
  • Vision and mission of QCT 5G x AI Open Lab
  • Successful 5G x AI Use Cases
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