Gain Cloud-Native Business Agility Building a Digital Foundation for Flexibility, Speed & Success

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New technologies like cloud, 5G, and machine learning are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. Service providers are increasingly turning to open, cloud-native technologies to deliver new digital services, increase business agility, and optimize costs. Network equipment providers (NEPs) can take advantage of these same technologies to build an adaptable, standardized foundation for their own business. With a consistent infrastructure, you can reduce infrastructure complexity, streamline operations and development, and improve security and scalability. Plus, you’ll gain the experience you need to create and deliver cloud-native offerings to your own customers in the future.

Join this webinar to learn about the benefits of cloud-native operations and application development for NEPs and how you can start your journey to the cloud.

Key topics include:

  • How open technologies can help deliver new digital services
  • How to create and deliver cloud-native offerings
  • Establish a consistent infrastructure for scale
  • Differentiate your cloud offerings

Ian Hood,Chief Technologist, Global Service Provider – Red Hat
Jennifer Pigg Clark, Principal Analyst – Cloud Infrastructure and Edge Computing – Heavy Reading

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