How to fall in love with VoLTE!

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How to fall in love with VoLTE! Easy for you, unforgettable for your customer!

In this webinar we will draw on Nokia’s global experience with VoLTE technology and discuss best practice deployment and optimization methodolgies for operators that want to achieve fast, trouble-free service launch. Find out how you can benefit from Nokia’s services even if you’ve already launched VoLTE, and how to avoid the mistakes that can cost you time, resources and subscribers.

Among other topics, we will look at:

  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid to launch VoLTE
  • What VoLTE provides to operators and subscribers
  • How to ensure VoLTE is a success


Gabriel Brown – Analyst, Heavy Reading
Daniel Delibes – Global Services Portfolio Sales, Nokia
Mika Jansson – Global Services Business Manager, Nokia.
Adam Marczell, Global Services Marketing Manager, Nokia

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