InDecent Exposure: Powering CSPs into the API economy

Date: 13th July 2022
Time: 3pm UK time

The concept of “exposure” is a critical inflection point that removes barriers from being a key player, an instrumental participant in a bigger ecosystem of technology players – and not just “the same old bitpipe supplier”.

Exposure – when (decently!) executed – makes sense of complex and interconnecting technologies in and around CSP networks and their IT systems – especially in the context of 5G, and even more so as the industry adopts 5GSA (Standalone) core network architectures.

In this webinar, we focus on why well managed exposure of the technical capital and capabilities found in CSPs provides a wider range and more powerful set of cloud-driven opportunities and partnership value for those CSPs.

Key topics include:
•    What can we learn from other success stories?
•    Exposure partner ecosystems – what are they?
•    It’s only partially about the technology
•    How and why exposure will allow CSPs to diversify and grow

David Hovey – Director of 5G Product Management & Cloud Strategy – Amdocs Technology
Armita Satari – Head of Custom Content – Telecoms.com

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