Inventory Modernization with Data Integrity Assurance – the Key to 5G Network Automation

Telecom networks are going through significant transformation, becoming highly dynamic and increasingly disaggregated. NFV, SDN, 5G, Open RAN and edge computing epitomize these changes. New versions of Virtualized and Cloud-native Network Functions are being deployed at an ever-increasing cadence. This is happening in tandem with the introduction of many new service types. For example, 5G network slicing will bring new monetization opportunities for operators. But to be profitable it will require a high degree of automation. To complicate matters, these exciting new technologies will still depend on legacy, physical network devices.

Service providers are increasingly realizing the key to automation is the modernization of their inventory systems. By doing this they can shield their fulfillment and orchestration platforms from the complexity of the underlying network infrastructure which is comprised of multiple generations of technology both physical and virtualized.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What challenges CSPs are facing with data integrity in their network management
  • How to discover and manage network elements across today’s dynamic, hybrid networks
  • Why inventory with Auto-Discovery and Reconciliation capabilities is key to automating the service delivery lifecycle, assuring 5G networks and delivering on SLAs

James Crawshaw – Principal Analyst – Omdia
Roy Silon – VP Technologies – Atrinet
Markus Buchner – Director of Product Management – Amdocs Open Networks

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