IoT: Simplifying the Path to Revenue

We are evolving into a world of connected… everything.  As IoT connects the world, it is also breaking down industry borders, enabling new business models and opening endless new avenues to extract revenue through device connections, managing complex platform and service ecosystems, customer-centric product and service offerings and much, much more.

But IoT isn’t just a business strategy. It’s a multi-dimensional business model comprising an increasingly complex web of partners and connected ecosystems. In this webinar, using real-world examples from our partnership with Arrow and global mobile network operators, CSG will discuss what’s required to establish a successful IoT program that provides continued monetization opportunities and sustainable growth… regardless of industry.

  • Technology, organizational structure and required processes
  • Importance of a SaaS, cloud-based platform to support your business today and tomorrow no matter what direction it may take in the world of IoT
  • Quick and cost-effective program implementation

Stephen Bell, Senior Analyst – Heavy Reading
Curt Minter, Vice President of Digital Services – CSG

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