Delivering 5G Promises for the Success of Industry Digital Transformation

Date: 12th October Time: 9am UK time In this crucial stage of telco digital transformation, 5G is becoming fundamental to network planning, new business opportunities and network monetization. By 2026, the digital transformation market is forecast to reach $620 billion, which includes the market segments of network-as-a-service, business operations and industry applications. 5G has become […]

Network data analytics and why NWDAF is must of 5G

Date: 6th October 2021 Time: 2pm BST Openet/Amdocs, in conjunction with Telecoms.com, invite you to a deep dive into the world of network data analytics for 5G. We’ll define what a best-in-class NWDAF looks like and outline the justification for this new 5G function. We will explore the key considerations when deciding on new use […]

Agile Monetisation in the Enterprise 5G World

Date: 23rd September Time: 2pm BST The enterprise market promises the greatest returns on 5G investment. However, CSPs operating with legacy BSS stacks designed for the consumer market will struggle to support new B2B services enabled by 5G and IoT, and to serve these customers effectively. Some operators may embark on lengthy digital transformation projects […]

Leveraging AI/ML to Support End-to-End Optimization and Automation

Date: 14th September Time: 4pm BST To cope with the complexity of multiple radio access technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), multiple spectrum bands and multiple layers of cells, operators need more automated solutions. Self-organizing network technology has evolved to meet this need. Among its many use cases, SON can help reduce energy consumption and defer […]

The Journey to Virtualized RAN – Insights 2021

Date: 22nd July Time: 3pm BST A lot has happened since Q4 2019 when Heavy Reading surveyed communications service providers (CSPs) on their plans for virtualization – and, specifically vRAN. In early 2021, the team checked in with the carriers to see how their plans had changed – either delayed or accelerated – over the course […]

Network Exposure: The Next Phase of 5G

Date: 1st July Time: 2pm BST As 5G moves to the next phase, the ability to securely expose 5G capabilities is set to provide a transformative means for growth and monetization. In this webinar, we focus on how 5G will become more open, diverse and flexible – all thanks to the central role of: 5G […]

5G Standalone: Why, How, and How Fast?

Date: 30th June Time: 3pm BST 5G introduces new service types that are either not possible, or not practical at scale, using the previous generations of mobile network technology. This webinar will explain how advanced 5G capabilities and services can be introduced to commercial networks as part of a 5G Standalone (SA) deployment using a […]

Timing is Everything: Getting Synchronization Right in 5G

Date: 23rd June Time: 3pm BST   For a mobile network operator, timing is everything. Not just determining when to upgrade the network to bring new services to market, but in the literal sense as well. If the radio clock should lose synchronization accuracy in a radio access network (RAN), or the radios are not […]

Reinventing Service Assurance for the 5G Era

Date: 17th June Time: 3pm BST Delivering outstanding experiences has been on the C-level agenda for decades. But today, with 5G taking root globally and everything that implies, it has taken on a new meaning, with wide-reaching operational consequences. CSPs need to urgently find ways to replace the legacy OSS burden with a new something […]

Mobile Device Trade-Ins and Insurance: Ways to Gain Trust in an Online Process

Date: June 16th Time: 4pm BST The year 2020 saw a significant disruption in the sale of smartphones; risk-averse consumers and the physical restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic combined to create the perfect storm and make mobile device sales and trade-ins much more challenging. Yet the outlook is positive; the transitional process to 5G accelerates, […]

Open RAN: Is it Destined to be Closed?

Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 Time: 2:00 p.m. BST Will open RAN create an expanded ecosystem of interchangeable RAN vendors, lowering costs and speeding innovation, or will it bring more complexity and cost, and lead to vendor-specific siloed implementations? Join Appledore principal analyst, Francis Haysom, and Spirent 5G strategic lead, Stephen Douglas, as they discuss […]

Bringing fiber and power to the top of the tower

Date: 9th June Time: 2pm BST 5G rollouts have supercharged fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) deployments to meet higher data demands across the network. This increased demand for bandwidth will drive fiber and power to the top of the tower to support new and existing radios. Finding cost-effective and time-efficient ways to deploy complex FTTA architectures—while keeping performance, […]

Future-Proof Your Networks With Next-Gen 3D Geodata

Date: 18th May Time: 3pm UK Time  As 5G, Fixed Wireless Access and other wireless networking technologies advance, network planners are faced with increasing challenges posed by new radio technologies and frequencies as well as complex business cases like mobile broadband, connected vehicles, massive IoT and more. Successful planning and deployment for 5G will rely […]

How to improve next-gen CS & CX to generate business value for telcos

Date: 21st April Time: 10am UK Time Telecommunications business offerings are the backbone of several major industry revolutions taking place, in the light of 5G. Already today, most telcos has a lot of rich customer mobile network data that is not being utilized in neither customer service nor the customer experience journeys at all. This […]

5G is all about value creation through data – adapting to a new economic reality

Date: 15th April Time: 11am UK Time Digital transformation is accelerating around the globe driven by new economics as well as 5G services capabilities. These 5G network-based services offerings are data intensive, speed dependent, and highly distributed by architectures that break the norm of what is possible with AI/ML, the massive scale of IOT connections, […]

Five data-delivery requirements that will save telecommunications

Date: Wednesday 7th April Time: 4pm UK Time Telecommunications organizations are the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution taking place today. As the worlds’ user communities become more decentralized, they are increasing their dependence on network infrastructures and services at rates unimaginable 18 months ago. This is stressing both operational and business support systems. This […]

Broadband CPE Application-Based Monetization Strategies for CSP

Date: 31st March Time: 4pm UK Time Containerization – system and application-based – is a mature concept that has been mainstream in the IT and CSP worlds for over 15 years. It consists of a rich eco-system of software frameworks, implementations, open-source and commercial solutions. Though the standards bodies have been more than happy to […]

Wi-Fi 6 – Separating the magic from the myth

Date: Wednesday 17th March Time: 4pm UK Time The worldwide rollout of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E is underway. But what benefits do the latest evolutions of Wi-Fi technology bring to broadband service providers? As we all appreciate, perception often differs greatly from reality – we’ve heard many perceptions of Wi-Fi 6, from “it’s the solution for all in-home connectivity” to […]

Deploy the 5G future faster with Network Lifecycle Automation

Date: 25th February Time: 3pm GMT As 5G implementation is accelerated to enable new B2B/B2C use cases and new business models, CSPs need to keep up with the growth in network complexity, virtualization, explosion of traffic, devices and cost pressure. At same time, network performance, central to the overall customer experience, needs to be improved […]

Design for success: Open fibre networks in Europe

Date: 17th February Time: 10am GMT As the growth of FTTH networks accelerates, attention must be paid to key considerations that will affect the long-term business success of fibre roll-out. Aspects such as population density, network openness, the right choice of access technology, financing options or the need for future upgradeability all translate directly to […]


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