Operational Challenges of Private 5G Networks

Date: 21st April Time: 4.30PM BST The concept of using private cellular networks – also known as non-public networks (NPNs) – for use by a private entity is not new. With 5G, private industrial networks are actively being implemented, as more countries are exploring how to allocate spectrum, and advances in technology are improving the […]

Business Benefits of NWDAF

Date: 12th April  Time: 2pm UK Time Amdocs | Openet invite you to an in-depth discussion on the business benefits associated with the new 5G function, Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF). In 2022, CSPs are focusing on the automation of their network operations to improve efficiency and customer experience. This webinar will address the key […]

Exploring real-world 5G use cases at the 5G Open Innovation Lab

As 5G rolls out across the globe, the search is on for new ways to utilize this technology for real-life innovation. The opportunities that 5G, cloud and edge computing present call for a collaborative approach to explore tangible outcomes. The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5GOIL) provides a vibrant global ecosystem that brings together developers, enterprises, […]

The secrets to fast-tracking your 5G strategy

Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time     The 5G and O-ran shakeup has already started in many markets. These technologies enable an intelligent, agile and responsive network, but successful implementation requires rigorous and continuous testing and validation. Amdocs and Quali have partnered to help organizations more quickly monetize their […]

Inventory Modernization with Data Integrity Assurance – the Key to 5G Network Automation

Telecom networks are going through significant transformation, becoming highly dynamic and increasingly disaggregated. NFV, SDN, 5G, Open RAN and edge computing epitomize these changes. New versions of Virtualized and Cloud-native Network Functions are being deployed at an ever-increasing cadence. This is happening in tandem with the introduction of many new service types. For example, 5G […]

Automating site acceptance for faster 5G roll-outs

Date: 16th December Time: 3pm UK time   With an exponential increase in 5G site deployments, mobile network operators and network equipment providers face increasing challenges in reducing cost, time to market and complexity. Adhering to strict network-level acceptance criteria, compounded by the complex requirements of 5G, creates a fundamental need to improve drive test […]

Reimagining the Fibre Broadband Experience

Date: 14th December Time: 2pm GMT   COVID 19 has accelerated digital adoption and the value consumers and businesses place on fibre broadband connectivity. This increased demand, and favourable government policy, is attracting a wave of external investment, creating a fibre goldrush. Attracting and retaining customers in a highly competitive environment will make or break […]

Will 5G Break the Cloud?

Date: 7th December Time: 3pm UK Time As 5G emerges from initial coverage deployments into adolescence, the urgency to identify new revenue opportunities has intensified. Gaming, AR/VR, video content and security surveillance headline an array of “hot prospects” under consideration. Delivering the performance and latency to power these next-gen services will require 5G to fully […]

5G mmWave: The key to completing the 5G puzzle

Date: 3rd November Time: 10am GMT 5G mmWave brings super-fast download speeds and more bandwidth, as well as future-proofing networks to handle much higher data throughput – thanks to the abundance of available spectrum in bands above 24Ghz. mmWave frequencies are already enabling exciting use cases in both consumer and business settings, delivering significant, tangible […]

5G for Consumers – Who’s Leading the Race?

Date: 3rd November Time: 9am GMT According to statistics from GSMA shows, more than 176 5G networks have been deployed around the globe, with 220 million 5G users. The speed of 5G user adoption has exceeded expectations and are more than that of any other generation of communication technologies in history, and China and South […]

Migrating OSS to Cloud – Why and How to Do It

Date: 27th October Time: 3pm UK Time If your OSS is running fine on-premises today, why would you consider running it on cloud? Well, most requests for proposal for OSS issued by CSPs now ask for cloud-native NG-OSS that can be easily hosted in cloud and leverage its infinitely scalability. There’s the agility to add […]

Intelligent orchestration and management of 5G edge services

Date: 14th October Time: 1pm UK Time To seize the edge monetization opportunity, service providers need to deploy and operate 5G network functions, video analytics, AR/VR, IoT and other workloads on highly distributed, multi-technology, edge infrastructure. Yet managing and orchestrating these services poses a major challenge, especially when looking to fully exploit these edge infrastructure […]

Delivering 5G Promises for the Success of Industry Digital Transformation

Date: 12th October Time: 9am UK time In this crucial stage of telco digital transformation, 5G is becoming fundamental to network planning, new business opportunities and network monetization. By 2026, the digital transformation market is forecast to reach $620 billion, which includes the market segments of network-as-a-service, business operations and industry applications. 5G has become […]

Network data analytics and why NWDAF is must of 5G

Date: 6th October 2021 Time: 2pm BST Openet/Amdocs, in conjunction with Telecoms.com, invite you to a deep dive into the world of network data analytics for 5G. We’ll define what a best-in-class NWDAF looks like and outline the justification for this new 5G function. We will explore the key considerations when deciding on new use […]

Agile Monetisation in the Enterprise 5G World

Date: 23rd September Time: 2pm BST The enterprise market promises the greatest returns on 5G investment. However, CSPs operating with legacy BSS stacks designed for the consumer market will struggle to support new B2B services enabled by 5G and IoT, and to serve these customers effectively. Some operators may embark on lengthy digital transformation projects […]

Leveraging AI/ML to Support End-to-End Optimization and Automation

Date: 14th September Time: 4pm BST To cope with the complexity of multiple radio access technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), multiple spectrum bands and multiple layers of cells, operators need more automated solutions. Self-organizing network technology has evolved to meet this need. Among its many use cases, SON can help reduce energy consumption and defer […]

The Journey to Virtualized RAN – Insights 2021

Date: 22nd July Time: 3pm BST A lot has happened since Q4 2019 when Heavy Reading surveyed communications service providers (CSPs) on their plans for virtualization – and, specifically vRAN. In early 2021, the team checked in with the carriers to see how their plans had changed – either delayed or accelerated – over the course […]

Network Exposure: The Next Phase of 5G

Date: 1st July Time: 2pm BST As 5G moves to the next phase, the ability to securely expose 5G capabilities is set to provide a transformative means for growth and monetization. In this webinar, we focus on how 5G will become more open, diverse and flexible – all thanks to the central role of: 5G […]

5G Standalone: Why, How, and How Fast?

Date: 30th June Time: 3pm BST 5G introduces new service types that are either not possible, or not practical at scale, using the previous generations of mobile network technology. This webinar will explain how advanced 5G capabilities and services can be introduced to commercial networks as part of a 5G Standalone (SA) deployment using a […]