Boosting Your 5G Monetization with a Distributed Cloud Architecture for Charging

Date: 4th February Time: 4pm UK Time Visibility, control, security and maintaining governance and compliance are all critical for managing your infrastructure — for virtual networking and operations. However, these are becoming more difficult and time consuming as your infrastructure evolves to a mix of bare metal, virtual, cloud and container environments. How can you […]

Virtualized RAN: 4G/5G Strategies, Opportunities and Pitfalls

Date: 22nd January Time: 4pm UK Time Are operators virtualizing their RAN? When, and with what goals in mind? Heavy Reading surveyed over 80 global operators to gain their perspective on deploying virtualized RAN solutions. In this webinar we share the results of that survey, sponsored by Red Hat. We focus on vRAN deployment opportunities […]

Finding the Best Antenna Approach for Successful 5G Deployments

Date: 11th December Time: 10am UK Time  The 5G age has arrived. Whilst we are already seeing deployments in some European markets, at CommScope we understand network solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all and that approaching your 5G deployment involves various and important considerations, which may turn the network upgrade into a complex and daunting task. To seize […]

Transforming OSS/BSS From Monoliths to Cloud-Native Applications

Date: 11th December Time: 5pm UK Time  Communication service providers are constantly looking to deliver the best digital experience to their customers, made possible by best-in-class infrastructures and technologies. But when faced with legacy infrastructure that relies on monolithic applications and lengthy IT processes, they struggle to deliver the experience customers expect. Modernizing OSS/BSS requires […]

Using Big Data Analytics for Better Network Insights in the Cloud Era

Date: 10th December Time: 3pm UK Time A wide choice of Internet applications and services and ubiquitous connectivity across all devices are changing how online content and OTT video are consumed. Service providers need better insights into what is happening throughout their network — most importantly in the “first mile” — to optimize the delivery […]

5G – How to Deliver on the Big Promises

Date: 10th December Time: 10am UK Time As 5G lab testing continues apace and early service launches are happening across the globe, what can you do to understand the implications and prepare to ride the big 5G wave that’s heading your way? In this webinar, we will level-set on what 5G is and then focus […]

Beyond Connectivity – How to Monetise IoT

Date: 27th November  Time: 3pm UK Time Many operators are betting big on IoT generating new revenue streams. With 5G, the stakes are getting higher. The GSMA have forecast the IoT market to be worth $1.1 trillion in revenue by 2025. But connectivity will account for only 5% of this figure. So, the question is […]

AIOps: The ‘Must-Have’ for Service Providers in the Age of OTT & 5G

Date: 20th November Time: 3pm UK Time From physical to virtual to cloud (and now multicloud) infrastructures, networks are getting more diverse and challenging to manage. Humans and manual processes can no longer keep pace with network innovation, evolution, complexity and change. Enter AIOps. To keep up with the ever-growing amounts of data from different […]

Agile Integration for OSS/BSS Flexibility, Reusability & Scale

Date: 19th November Time: 5pm UK Time Disparate operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) generally lack interoperability, limiting the exchange of data. Further, while existing solutions may have significant value to offer, they typically lack the flexibility to access the embedded metrics and data needed to synthesize more holistic views and address […]

Be 5G ready With Next-Gen Programmable Radio

Date: 5th November Time: 3pm UK Time 5G drives a wealth of applications, from IoT to telemedicine. It’s not just about latency; bandwidth is key to massively expanding the scale and availability of these applications. The new age network architecture is shaping up to meet imminent demands on the scalable networks that need more bandwidth […]

FTTx Mantra – Building Next-Generation Scalable Access Networks

Date: 31st October Time: 2pm UK Time In a bid to create multi-gigabit-capable access networks, operators across the globe are looking to build converged data networks that are scalable, resilient and can support multiple use-cases for both wired and wireless connectivity. However, creating such a service-oriented-network requires detailing out several considerations, including required network characteristics, […]

Automate OSS/BSS to Drive Innovation & Reduce Operating Costs

Date: 30th October Time: 5pm UK Time By modernizing business, IT and network systems, digital service providers can not only improve customer experience, but also unveil opportunities for new revenue and new business models. Consolidating these systems and deploying them on virtualized network architectures, increases efficiency and establishes a foundation for pervasive process automation. In […]

The New Disaggregation Model

Date: 24th October Time: 2pm UK Time Cloud computing fundamentally changed the way data centers deploy applications, control users and deliver resources. Driven by new virtualization technologies, low-cost white boxes and the development of automated operations, today’s data centers allow organizations to be more agile and cost-effective. In contrast, the network architecture of service providers […]

Microsoft Azure ONAP-based NFV and SD-WAN Solution

Date: 23rd October Time: 4pm UK Time SES has teamed with Amdocs to operationalize the first ONAP-based NFV and SD-WAN solution. This solution running on the public cloud utilizes an open, standards-based network automation and service orchestration platform. In this session, Amdocs, SES and Microsoft will share with the audience how a network automation and […]

The Red Hat OSS/BSS Webinar Series 2019

Register below to join these insightful OSS/BSS webinars hosted by Red Hat & Telecoms.com! Introduction to Modernizing OSS/BSS With Microservices-Based, Cloud-Native Architectures As both mobile networks and the number of connected devices grow, delivering consistently high network performance becomes increasingly difficult. Red Hat Consulting delivers supported open source technology that enables digital service providers to […]

Accelerate Your Journey to Digital Services

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the telecommunications industry. To succeed as a digital service provider, you need to become more agile and innovative. Through cloud-native platforms, automation, and agile integration, you can not only deliver the digital services your customers demand, but also streamline your own organization and prepare for future change. Join this webinar […]

Programmable FTTx: Readiness for a Virtualized Access Network

Date: 22nd October Time: 3pm UK Time The demand for a software-defined, converged, last-mile access infrastructure has grown significantly in the last few years. The experts’ point of view is that this technology adoption will pave the way for 5G fronthaul transformation, large-scale IoT adoption, and will establish the use cases for edge cloud deployments. But how […]

How to Cut Your BSS Costs by up to 80% With Public Cloud

Date: 22nd October Time: 2pm UK Time This webinar will explain how communication service providers (CSPs) can save up to 80% of their total cost of ownership of Business Support Systems by deploying on the public cloud. Moderated by Heavy Reading’s Senior Analyst, James Crawshaw, with guests from Optiva and Google Cloud, this webinar will […]

Break Open the Treasure Chest with Network Design in 5G era

Date: 16th October Time: 3pm UK Time Until now, telecom network design has been largely static and based on creating a one-size-fits-all infrastructure. However, the arrival of 5G brings about a new focus on specific use cases and how they can be supported. A roll out of 5G infrastructure will support a wide range of use […]

Gain Cloud-Native Business Agility Building a Digital Foundation for Flexibility, Speed & Success

Available On Demand New technologies like cloud, 5G, and machine learning are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. Service providers are increasingly turning to open, cloud-native technologies to deliver new digital services, increase business agility, and optimize costs. Network equipment providers (NEPs) can take advantage of these same technologies to build an adaptable, standardized foundation for their […]


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