Monetization of Digital & 5G Services

According to a recent TMF report, up to 72% of 5G revenue growth is dependent on transformation of operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS), which forms just a part of the ongoing digital transformation that every operator is going through. Then there are the usual suspects: the need for faster time to market, as well as the need to sell a wide range of digital services and to manage increasingly complex value chains. In this webinar Openet and telecoms.com will discuss these issues and look at what charging systems need to provide for digital and 5G services.

SIP Fraud Detection – Scenarios and Challenges

During this webinar, you will be able to understand some of the measures that you can take to prevent SIP fraud, and detect fraud based on call signalling information even before the call begins.

Using Automation to Accelerate VNF Onboarding

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) has been a hot topic within the telecommunications industry for several years and many early adopters now have NFV workloads in production for a portion of their overall network traffic and business services.

Reality Check: How Mixed Reality Enhances Telecom Field Work Management

Watch this webinar on-demand The telecom industry faces the rising expectations related to the effective service of clients’ requests and at the same time constantly shrinking number of experienced workers to manage these work orders. New technology in the form of Mixed Reality apps is an appropriate solution here. What problems the Mixed Reality app […]

How Network Slicing, Microservices & Open Source Technologies Will Make 5G Services Profitable

In this webinar learn about how 5G is changing the way applications are designed and deployed and the role of microservices, containers and open source technologies. Find out how to get started today, regardless of where you are in your transformation journey, and how these technologies that disrupt the industry status quo can help your competitive differentiation.

How to Differentiate & Accelerate Your Managed SD-WAN & Security Offerings

As demand for SD-WAN gathers pace, service providers are racing to implement this new technology to maintain and grow revenue streams from their enterprise customers. To differentiate themselves and enhance their competitive positioning, service providers need to offer a variety of SD-WAN based products combined with specialized security solutions and an ever-expanding portfolio of value-added services. To deliver these capabilities efficiently and scalably requires the latest in network functions virtualization technology. While deploying all these new technologies it is critical to make sure you are still able to meet your ongoing business, performance and cost requirements.

5G NR Network Deployment Is Now – Let’s Test!

With 5G NR network rollout clearly on the horizon, network operators worldwide are planning pre-commercial network trials in 2018 and 2019. The target is to overcome the challenge of a more demanding and complex air interface and deliver the commercial and technical benefits offered by 5G. This webinar considers how to ensure efficient and predictable 5G NR rollout, identifies the technical fundamentals and defines a test approach to deliver the required network performance. Real 5G NR network measurement results of coverage and operation of beamforming from a pre-commercial field trial are shared.

How Wave Broadband Is Transforming Its Sales Strategy Using Location Intelligence

Connectivity industry participants, such as network providers, are leaving significant revenue opportunities on the table due to their inability to gain deep, location-specific insight into locations that they could service — and then communicate that serviceability both internally and to partners. Location Intelligence, when done the right way, can have a substantial impact on a company’s revenue stream. In this webinar, we’ll explore how Wave Broadband is positively transforming its sales strategy by leveraging location intelligence.

Bridging the Analytics ‘Trust Gap’ Within Telcos

In this webinar, Prasad Savadi from Subex discusses about how CSPs today can adopt an end-to-end analytics framework. He will also demonstrate how Subex has worked with telecom operators to bridge the trust gap, which in turn helps them to truly reap the benefits of their data.

Cracking the Code of SDN

Software is indeed eating the world and changing industries forever… in the network world now, if it’s not software defined, it’s legacy. Though widely accepted to be an industry revolution and not just the latest marketing buzzword, adoption of software and network virtualization remains lower than expected. Why are CSPs struggling to make the shift to virtualized networks? Listen to Sterlite Tech’s CEO (Software), Anshoo Gaur, as he delves deep into the reasons for the delayed adoption of SDN & NFV and articulates how CSPs can overcome these challenges going forward.

Transitioning NFV From Lab Project to Innovation Engine

Based on actual experience, this Telecoms.com webinar in association with Red Hat will address the pros and cons of a lab-based approach and discuss some of the reasons why SPs get stuck in the lab, and how Red Hat Consulting can help them through the difficult transition from lab to production.

Network Capacity Planning – Moving Beyond Performance KPIs

Capacity planning in telecom networks is evolving from the traditional technology-driven approach to a data-driven approach focusing on ROI and customer experience. Although the current approach considers KPIs to enhance coverage and customer experience, it comes with significant investments, which can erode ROI.

Digital Transformation: Where Do You Start?

The communications industry continues to experience disruptions driven by demanding consumers, evolving regulations, disruptive technology and fierce competition. All operators know digital transformation can help reap significant benefits in terms of go-to-market agility, developing platform capabilities, and improving customer experience and intimacy. But the scale and complexity of the task is so daunting that many have barely got started. This webinar looks at a number of initial steps CSPs can take on this journey, depending on their underlying business model, competitive environment and strategic priorities.

5G and Cloud Native – Changing the Game

5G means a reinvention of the telecom network. By bringing cloud native applications to telecoms, 5G opens up many new use cases and opportunities to develop new business models and revenue streams. This will change how telecoms software is developed and delivered. Join this webinar to learn why 5G will drive changes in telecoms software with the introduction of a continuous evolution model.

NFV Adoption: Empowering Telcos to Manage Their Own Destiny

SDN and NFV have been hot topics over the past few years. However, there are few SDN and NFV production deployments. Telcos have overestimated the maturity of SDN & NFV solutions and they’ve underestimated the complexity of implementing them in their environments.

Why Voice Quality Is Still a Differentiator in Today’s Mobile Networks

The proportion of mobile network traffic represented by voice communications has been steadily decreasing so now it represents around 2% of traffic compared with around 70% for video. We have also seen the rise of OTT voice services competing with operators. Additionally, the emergence of new voice codecs and complex network technology make measuring end user voice quality more challenging.

The Road to 5G: European Momentum

The webinar will discuss the momentum behind 5G in Europe, what the key next steps are from a technology, spectrum and regulatory standpoint and the operators that are accelerating the commercial rollout.

The Future of Customer Care in the AI Era

This Telecoms.com webinar, presented jointly by Microsoft and Amdocs, will review the current state of customer care centers at communications and media providers today and will provide a view of the future of customer care for telcos.

IoT: Simplifying the Path to Revenue

IoT isn’t just a business strategy. It’s a multi-dimensional business model comprising an increasingly complex web of partners and connected ecosystems. In this webinar, using real-world examples from our partnership with Arrow and global mobile network operators, CSG will discuss what’s required to establish a successful IoT program that provides continued monetization opportunities and sustainable growth… regardless of industry.


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