Building the road to the network edge: A look at container innovation

Date and Time: 22nd July at 4pm UK Time

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With the promise of 5G creating opportunities for telecommunications providers to offer new, innovative applications and services to their customers, edge computing is quickly becoming the architecture of choice. With edge computing, service providers can help improve their customer’s quality of experience by moving applications or content toward the lower edge tiers in the network hierarchy, providing a better user experience.

In this webinar from our sister publication Light Reading and sponsor Red Hat, they look at how innovation in container technology helps to deploy telco 5G workloads from the core to the very far edge of the network, leveraging all the benefits of a Kubernetes application platform.

Frank Zdarsky, Senior Principal Software Engineer – Red Hat
Nick Barcet, Senior Director of Technology Strategy – Red Hat
Jennifer Clark, Principal Analyst – Cloud Infrastructure and Edge Computing, Heavy Reading

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