Revolutionizing Fibre-to-the-Premise with Innovative PON, Gateway, and Wi-Fi solutions

5G or 6G dot line mobile technology. Wireless data network and connection technology concept. high-speed, futuristic background. vector design

Date: Tuesday 16th May 2023
Time: 2PM British Summer Time




This webinar seeks to provide service providers the latest market insights and outlook timeline for passive optical network (PON) fibre access devices, gateways, and Wi-Fi technologies. In addition, this webinar will explore innovative fibre-to-the-premise end user solutions that drive new value-added services and deliver a high-quality end user experience.

  • Reveal how today’s fibre-to-the-premise strategy requires advanced solutions to deliver tomorrow’s first-class quality of experience.
  • Understand the adoption rate of 10G PON ONT/ONUs, along with the horizon for next-gen PON.
  • Learn about the latest gateway and Wi-Fi technologies supporting fibre-to-the-premise rollouts, including 10G and Wi-Fi7.
  • Realize the business opportunity for one box and two box fibre termination solutions.
  • Discover how open source and open standards are streamlining operations and driving next-gen user experiences.


Jaimie Lenderman – Principal Analyst & Research Manager – Omdia
Sam Defriez – Director of Networks – YouFibre
Ian Wheelock – Engineering Fellow, Home Networks CTO – Commscope
John Blackford – Engineering Fellow – Commscope

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