Saving Space on the Tower: the MIMO/5G challenge

Date: 9th December
Time: 10am UK Time

At cell sites within the macro network, towers are straining as more equipment is added. Heavily-loaded towers not only increase lease costs and require costly structural upgrades, they exacerbate visual impact—which can delay zoning approvals and time to market. This forces engineers to balance site performance with tower loading and visual appearance. A slimmer antenna that does not sacrifice performance is critical to this effort.

Join us on December 9th as we discuss Saving Space on the Tower: the MIMO/5G challenge including:

  • Why do we need to upgrade our antenna system?
  • What are the new technologies for such an upgrade?
  • What challenges do operators face today?
  • What solutions are available in the industry?

Volker Ricker – Director, Technical Sales – CommScope
Vanessa Cueva – Product Line Manager, BSA / Filters – CommScope
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com

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