Scaling Telco Expertise With OpenShift Kubernetes Operators

Date: 10th November
Time: 5pm UK Time

Imagine the perfect colleague: autonomous, focuses on relevant and timely challenges, identifies and shares best practices and has the ability to work well with anyone from the new intern to the CEO. In the world of Kubernetes development, that “colleague” is an Operator.

It might be a stretch to use the word “colleague” but you can think of Kubernetes Operators as DevOps Heroes – they react automatically, can consume the entire state of your environment in milliseconds and never take shortcuts. Red Hat’s OpenShift platform uses Operators to allow you to manage the entire lifecycle of core and supplementary components, and then scale easily, consistently and automatically. Join us in this session to learn more about:

  • The key benefits of using Operators in Red Hat OpenShift
  • Creative Operator use cases
  • Some of the latest updates from the Operator Framework open source project
  • Why Operators should be your next step

Roz Roseboro, Contributing Analyst –  Heavy Reading
William Caban Babilonia, Chief Architect, Global Telco, Red Hat

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