Service Assurance and the Cloud: Pragmatic Implementation Strategies for CSPs

Service Assurance (SA) like many other network capabilities is undergoing a period of profound change as it adjusts to the realities of the cloud era. These realities stem from a shift where services will be delivered, as well as even a shift in how services are created.

Still, although the cloud will ultimately support highly distributed and decomposed cloud-native applications, this transition will take time. As a result, while Communications Service Providers (CSPs) need to start to ready themselves for these SA related changes, they must now develop pragmatic strategies that allow them to reap the immediate benefits of SA.

Accordingly, this webinar will consider the impacts of cloud-native SA focusing on:

  • The latest virtualization research trends and their SA impacts.
  • Defining cloud-native in a SA context, documenting the changes and challenges.
  • Considering how SA requirements will differ in the early days of “islands of virtualization” compared to a period of mass commercialization.
  • Use-cases which capture how cloud-native SA can be utilized in a pre-cloud environment to achieve immediate benefit.


Jim Hodges, Principal Analyst – Heavy Reading
Jay Stewart, Senior PLM for Virtual Solutions – Spirent

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