Transitioning NFV From Lab Project to Innovation Engine

Today most telecommunications service providers (SPs) acknowledge the importance of embracing cloud technologies to modernize the deployment of network services and have begun their network functions virtualization (NFV) journey. They have chosen different approaches to get started.

Some SPs choose a lab-based approach and work together with their partners to create a production-ready NFV product in their development labs. This approach makes sense in some situations, but it also contains a series of pitfalls that can cause their projects to stay lab-bound far longer than originally envisaged.

Based on actual experience, this Telecoms.com webinar in association with Red Hat will address the pros and cons of a lab-based approach and discuss some of the reasons why SPs get stuck in the lab, and how Red Hat Consulting can help them through the difficult transition from lab to production.

Alberto García Moyano, EMEA Telco Practice Lead – Red Hat
Daniel Eagers, Territory Services Manager – Red Hat
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com

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