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Ensuring Customer-Centric Services Through Cloud Transformation

In order to digitally transform its service operations and achieve a more customer-centric vision, the Telecom Argentina Group has adopted service operations center (SOC) solutions to streamline customer services, identify and resolve new issues. Employing Data Driven Operations, the company can make decisions based on diverse service criteria and calculations performed in real time. Telecom […]

Future-proofing DPI with encrypted traffic intelligence

Rising security and privacy concerns amid remotely accessible networks and complex multi-cloud and hybrid architectures have led to the widespread adoption of encryption. By using cipher suites and special keys to encode plaintext into ciphertext, encryption provides a simplified means to ensuring that data is transported securely and is accessible only by authorized parties. Applications […]

How can you accelerate RAN deployments?

Perhaps the most critical aspect of preparing to deliver 5G services is building the Radio Access Network (RAN) itself. Far from being a plug and play exercise, this complex undertaking brings with it many challenges, including tight schedules and budgets to ensuring interoperability with multiple vendors. This fact sheet explores these and other challenges, and […]

5G Open RAN system integration

Open RAN brings the benefits of an open ecosystem and the power of virtualization to wireless networks. Mobile operators can now choose best-in-class technologies without being restricted to specific vendors. Open RAN also offers faster innovation and more flexible deployments. However, transitioning from a closed to an open architecture can bring unfamiliar challenges. This fact […]

Open RAN is for all: a Senza Fili Deep Dive Report

Open RAN gives operators more flexibility and choice while creating new opportunities for vendors to widen their global presence in the RAN and end-to-end market. In this conversation with Fujitsu Network Communications, Senza Fili’s Monica Paolini talks with Shingo Mizuno, CEO; and Dr. Femi Adeyemi, Head of Wireless, about a range of topics around Open […]

Telecom Argentina CTO: Customer Experience Is King

Telecom carriers obviously have to care about the nuts and bolts of their networks and supporting technologies and processes. But their customers don’t – they simply want excellent performance and user experience. That reality is driving the digital transformation strategy at Telecom Argentina, according to CTO Miguel Fernandez, who spoke with at MWC 2023 in Barcelona. […]

Indosat Is On An Infinite Journey: Inside The Company’s Remarkable Run Of Success

There’s momentum, and then there’s momentum – of the sort that begins to seem virtually unstoppable. That describes Indosat’s soaring success over the past several years, dating back to a business turnaround mandate in early 2019 and marked by a dozen straight quarters of double-digit growth. That momentum has had cascading effects not only for […]

Huawei’s GTS delivers intelligent digital ICT service and software solutions for its customers

The growing world of 5G services offers significant business and diversification opportunities for telecom operators. But it brings new technology and business challenges that operators and their vendor partners need to solve. This is where Huawei’s Global Technical Service Department (GTS) plays a role. Its mission is to provide intelligent digital ICT service and software […]

IPv6 Enhanced A New Era of IP Networks

At the keynotes session during the 2023 MPLS SD & AI Net Network World Congress, Mr. Li Zhenbin — Huawei’s chief IP protocol expert — delivered a keynote speech titled “IPv6 Enhanced: A New Era of IP Networks”, in which he systematically elaborated on the development of IP networks. New applications continue to emerge in […]

China Telecom and Huawei Completed the First 50G-PON Industrial Internet Pilot Project, Facilitating Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

Recently, China Telecom Research Institute joined hands with Huawei in Jiangsu Etern Optoelectronics under the Etern group (Etern Optoelectronics for short) to complete an Industrial Internet pilot project based on 50G-PON. This project combines the industry’s latest 50G-PON dual-mode all-optical network technology with the China Telecom self-developed industrial PON self-service platform. In the innovative scenario […]

Telecom Ops: Driving efficiency and cost saving through network automation

Operational efficiency and cost saving are increasingly pushed to the forefront as Communication Service Providers (CSPs) continue to grapple with increasing operational costs due to the growing energy crisis and the continued inflation. Meanwhile, as the demand for future generation services and capacity continues to grow, so do the investments CSPs make in the next […]

Axiata’s Open Digital Transformation accelerating journey to Techco

In the past several years, Axiata Group, a leading telecommunications and digital conglomerate in Asia Pacific, has undertaken a comprehensive IT transformation programme covering telcos across six countries. The transformation has delivered significant benefits, including the acceleration of go-to-market strategies from months to days and a 40% reduction in IT costs, according to Group CIO Anthony […]

Huawei Views APAC Region as Key to the Advancement of 5G

Teaser:  In 2022 the company invested nearly 25.1% of its total revenue in research and development. The average age in the Asia-Pacific region is only 30.2 years old, and unicorns are growing explosively. Driven by the continued demand for ICT infrastructure and the rich digital content of consumers, the Asia-Pacific region has entered a golden […]

Unlocking B2B2X monetization with partner-centric platform

5G promises to unlock new business opportunities among enterprises for digital transformation. To monetize this emerging B2B2X opportunity, CSPs must break from their tradition of simply selling connectivity and provide highly specialized solutions in partnership with best-of-breed players. Learn more on how to unlock the B2B2X partner opportunity: What are the revenue opportunities from B2B2X […]

Using real-time charging to tap revenue beyond connectivity

Communications service providers (CSPs) have traditionally used a prepaid and postpaid model for connectivity, charging only for consumption – by the minute for voice services and per megabyte for data. Over the years, CSPs have not developed new business models, so little has changed. As a result, charging has become commoditized. But in a digital […]

Deep packet inspection and encrypted traffic visibility for IP networks

By concealing more layers of critical traffic information, new encryption protocols such as TLS 1.3, TLS 1.3 0-RTT and ESNI have led to a significant loss in network traffic visibility, resulting in poor network performance, heightened susceptibility to security risks, and inefficiencies in resource utilization. At the same time, the existing use of decryption methods […]

IDC Spotlight Whitepaper: Telco BSS is key to enabling speed, agility, and partner monetization

Stagnant revenue growth has put extensive pressure on telcos to transform their commercial models and undertake deep technology changes across their business. For telcos’ base connectivity product, this means revolutionizing network infrastructure through cloudification, embedding AI and automation across network operations, and exposing more value to customers and partners. This success cannot be realized without an […]

Huawei Launches Its Full Series of 400G WDM Solutions and Commercial Achievements

During MWC 2023, Huawei showcased its full series of 400G WDM solutions to customers. These solutions support various application scenarios such as ultra-high performance, ultra-high integration, and ultra-large capacity, helping operators build transmission networks with the optimal per-bit cost. At MWC 2023, Huawei demonstrated its latest ultra-high performance 400G solution to global operators and industry […]

Mobile World Congress 2023: Huawei Product & Solution Launch

At Huawei’s Product and Solutions Launch on Day 1 of Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service presented a series of new products and solutions. Shi addressed the audience in a keynote speech giving an update on the latest progress from Huawei Cloud, with a […]

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