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Private Wireless Market Opportunity Report from Dell’Oro and VIAVI Solutions

The concept of utilizing private cellular networks—also known as non-public networks (NPNs)—for the sole use of a private entity, such as an enterprise or government, is far from new. In fact, the industry has gone through various private enterprise hype cycles over the past decade. And while there are already thousands of commercial private networks […]

Red Hat OpenShift 4 Migration: Modernizing your cloud platform

So you’re still using Red Hat OpenShift 3 in your production environment, and everything is running smoothly. “Why should I update to Red Hat OpenShift 4? Version 3 works just fine,” you might say. Maintenance Support for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 ends June 2022, followed by a final two-year end-of-life phase. You might not be sure […]

Practical Solution for Campus 5G Enterprise Transformation

Sponsored by The rise of campus 5G networks in Germany has been driven by the country’s Industry 4.0 initiative—which sees data, digitization, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies as key elements for the transformation and competitiveness of German industries—and by the regulator making available 100MHz of prime 3.7–3.8GHz spectrum for the enterprise. The presence of […]

Using AIOps solutions in the telecoms industry: a market assessment

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is helping shape automations and transformations across the telecoms sector, combining big data with machine learning (ML) to support the automation of key operations. AIOps has reached an advanced stage of development in network assurance functions, including event correlation and analysis, anomaly detection, root cause analysis (RCA), alert prioritisation, […]

Private 5G to drive Japan’s enterprises transformation delivering on security and data needs

Sponsored by Japan’s spectrum liberalization of multiple create a positive environment for private 5G. Alongside spectrum availability, the country’s enterprises’ needs to better leverage data in a secure way to drive digital transformation and meet challenges such as production increase and labor shortages are making Japan one of the leading countries for private 5G adoption. […]

How Telco Network Operations Leaders Can Help Implement and Manage Change around 5G

Upfront deployment of 5G analytics is essential to the operational and cultural transformation that 5G migration requires. And that requires buy-in from the top down. By Kevin Keschinger By now, network operators have realized that 5G architectures are complex and fundamentally different from those of previous mobile generations. As such, 5G requires traditional telecom companies […]

5G and LoRaWAN® – Connecting the Next Billion IoT Devices

By Rémi Lorrain, Director of LoRaWAN Networks at Semtech Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is being widely adopted by many industries, the issue of which connectivity technology to rely on remains a hot one. With no single IoT network offering comprehensive coverage and meeting all needs, potential users are left to pick and choose […]

Red Hat Webinar: CSP Journey to Cloud Native

Cloud Native brings with it the promise of Faster time to market (TTM) for new services and applications, improved, automated and comprehensive life cycle management (LCM) and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through the use of containers and microservices. As compelling as these, and many other, benefits may seem, cloud native represents a […]

The Market Upside with Open RAN

Open RAN is a new architecture that aims to lower the barriers to entry in the radio access network (RAN) market, reduce vendor lock-in, improve vendor swap costs, and accelerate innovation. Open RAN provides operators with more supplier options, so they can continue to tackle new opportunities and operate profitably in an environment with constrained […] Annual Industry Survey 2021

As we move towards the final stage of another eventful year, we are delighted to share with you the results of our prestigious Annual Industry Survey in this special report. It contains both good and bad news. While the world is still not out of the shadow of Covid-19, the good news is telecoms is […]

The path to cloud-native applications

For the majority of organizations, creating innovative digital experiences means pivoting to a culture of organizational agility, where the rapid pace of demand can only be satisfied by faster and flexible development and delivery models. This is where the benefit of cloud-native applications comes in. The journey to developing cloud-native applications requires a gradual and […]

2021 cloud-native development outlook

Cloud-native is a common, modern term, but is it more than just a buzzword? Yes, it could be the next phase of modern application development. Companies’ ability to win, serve and retain customers depends on their ability to rapidly and continuously deliver new capabilities through software applications. Red Hat surveyed 817 IT professionals to gauge […]

5G Boot Camp II

Developed for 5G Service Providers, NEMs and Contractors, this video series provides insights to aid those who own the deployment and maintenance of 5G.  You’ll get a concise overview of the current technical and business status and key considerations for planning, deploying and optimizing 5G.  Speakers include representatives from BT and The Scotland 5G Centre.

The Transformative Power of 5G, MEC & Location Technology

5G is expected to transform more than just internet service. From improved personalized advertising and retail experiences to monitoring agriculture and its equipment to making commuter journeys safer and more efficient, 5G will change the way individuals and companies experience everyday life. In the post-pandemic era, businesses will accelerate efforts to automate, digitize and enhance […]

Intelligent IP Network Based On SRv6 Accelerate 5G Success

This Vendor View is sponsored by Huawei With the explosive mobile data traffic growth, massive device connections, and emerging new services and application scenarios in the future, revolutionary service experience and new business application models is required, 5G poses diversified requirements on basic transport networks, transport network need to be upgraded in time. Therefore, carriers’ […]

The Importance of Backhaul Performance in Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks are at the core of modern communication and enable ubiquitous, high-bandwidth connectivity independent of the user’s location. While the term “wireless” may imply that all the communication happens in a wireless fashion, it is actually only the last-mile from the radio tower to the end user device which is traversed over the air. […]

eBook: Powering Wireless Networks

To keep pace with the changes and, more importantly, to satisfy user expectations of 24/7 availability, mobile operators need to re-evaluate all aspects of their power infrastructure. That means taking stock of where we are from a solution standpoint, where we need to be, and developing a cohesive, future-capable strategy to get us from here […]

Are big Internet events getting you in trouble? Flow Analytics to the rescue!

This Vendor View is sponsored by Benocs Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever done a great job on something, only to be blind-sided with blame when something unexpected or out of your control goes wrong? Then perhaps you could relate to this story. As a part of their job, Network Engineers are […]

Developing 5G networks in less time

5G has the power to transform the way we live, work and move in the future. This whitepaper outlines all the necessary steps for successful building, operating and leveraging of 5G networks and explains how location technology helps simplify and accelerate the process. Learn more about: How to better identify and evaluate potential sites for […]

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