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5G Private Networks for Industry 4.0 – Part 1

Telecommunication connections above smart city. Futuristic cityscape concept for internet of things (IoT), fintech, blockchain, 5G LTE network, wifi hotspot access, cyber security, digital technology

5G private networks are proliferating, but the road to 5G private networks is paved with challenges. Enabling 5G private network use cases for Industry 4.0 puts significant demands on network performance. Overcoming these challenges requires a solid understanding of 5G private network use cases and their requirements. Anyone adopting a 5G private network should also be familiar with the underlying standards, deployment options, and key 5G features enabling these networks. In this paper, learn about the following:

  • 3GPP standards for 5G private networks
  • Industry 4.0 use cases and requirements
  • spectrum and deployment options
  • 5G-enabling features

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