Adopt a holistic approach to network service orchestration

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology is re-shaping how network operators instantiate, elastically scale and terminate network services in virtualized network environments. However, even with this increasingly dynamic network, how do you fully realize material business benefits, not just network benefits?

Adopt a holistic approach to network service orchestration

In order to compete long-term, operators need to have agile business and operations orchestration that can fully leverage their increasingly dynamic, virtualized network.

An intelligent orchestration framework which allows operators to quickly capitalize on market opportunity and respond to changes in service or market demand is the solution.

Read this white paper to understand how communications service providers (CSPs) can create new network services to respond to market demand whilst reducing service development and management costs as they introduce virtualized network capabilities—the beginning of a transformation to network function virtualization (NFV) that will simplify their networks and minimize dependence on expensive, inflexible proprietary hardware.

Click here to read this whitepaper.


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