Build 5G Wireless Networks And Systems With Software Defined Radio

Download the latest edition of NI’s Wireless Research Handbook, which includes research examples from around the world and across a wide range of advanced wireless research topics. This comprehensive look at next-generation wireless systems will offer you a more in-depth view of how prototyping can enhance research results.

Applications include:

  • Flexible Waveform Shaping Based on UTW-OFDM for 5G and Beyond
  • Flexible Real-Time Waveform Generator for Mixed-Service Scenarios
  • In-Band Full-Duplex SDR for MAC Protocol with Collision Detection
  • Bandwidth-Compressed Spectrally Efficient Communication System
  • World-Leading Parallel Channel Sounder Platform
  • Distributed Massive MIMO: Algorithm for TDD Reciprocity Calibration
  • Wideband/Opportunistic Map-Based Full-Duplex Radios
  • An Experimental SDR Platform for In-Band D2D Communications in 5G
  • Wideband Multichannel Signal Recorder for Radar Applications
  • Passive and Active Radar Imaging
  • Multiantenna Technology for Reliable Wireless Communication
  • Radio Propagation Analysis for he Factories of the Future

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